Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still Holiday-ing

Hope you all are having a super Christmas break and a forthcoming New Year! Not much to type today. Next week when the kids are back at school I'll blog about our holiday. For now I'm going to put a link to check out my blog from last week on Amish Country Living. It's a little story of George's life when he was lost for three years in Oaxaca, Mexico. I have some little elves working on pushing me to get a book written about his life. It would be a page-turner.

Have a prosperous New Year!

George's Story

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Night Lights

It's 1:17 am and I can't sleep. I had a two hour nap this afternoon -- almost unheard of for me on a Saturday afternoon. I guess I need to lay down and read my book. I'm reading "Breaking Dawn", the fourth book in the Twilight Series. Hunter got it for me for my birthday back in October. Somehow I just never picked it up to read -- until now. Boy does it have me in it's thrall. It's so different right from the get go, and I'm having a hard time putting it down.

I can see my gently glowing boxwood bushes outside my window. It's been so cold here this week and the Christmas lights we have up really liven up the outside. I love the cold. I wrote my blog this week on coldness and our Christmas tree buying traditions. Check it out right here.

My tree is gently casting it's colors over the darkened living room. George is gently snoring on his chair, where I've failed to wake him up from. When it's time to stumble into bed I will wake him. The manger scene is also lit up in a warm glow from tiny white lights. Sitting in a darkened room at Christmas is something I cherish every year. There is something about the twinkle of little lights that puts you in a lovely, melancholy mood. Past thoughts, hopes and dreams, and good things that are to come float through my head. I know God is waiting on me to fulfill those hopes and dreams. Some are starting to come to pass. I realize that I put too much emphasis on the "why's", instead of the "I wills". It's time to be bold and brave and DO.

There are so many inspiring entrepeneurs that make me want to brave it all. This is what I'm intended for. Aside from the most noble of professions, wife and mother, God also gave me talents that I'm just now starting to uncover. I'm sure He is scratching his head thinking, Man did it ever take that girl forever to know what I want for her! Ha Ha.

I think I will grab my book, my husband, and head for the warm sheets. Time to dream a dream that comes to fruition. :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Deep in it

Christmas music. There's nothing like it to get you in the mood. From "All I want for Christmas is you" to "Silent Night", when December begins it starts pumping through the house. Certain of my favorites has been known to play in October! I started dragging decorations up yesterday. A couple of days before that Hunter brought up the manger scene. It's always the first thing that goes up. I love my decorations. When we were first married I started collecting Christmas balls. For .10 I could buy a bunch of them at Save-n-Serve. Now they are two and three dollars each there! Insert sad/ticked face here. There are alot of people that still don't have money and need those ten cent balls. You can buy new ornaments at Wal-Mart for that price.

Hunter and Selena put lights up outside for me yesterday after school. Hunter climbed up on the ladder and strung lights around my big red star -- ever the perfectionist, he had to make it just so. Selena strung the bushes, and with George's expert cord-running abilities our house started smiling for Christmas last night. I will post a pic soon.

I have a new blog post up on Amish Country Living as of this morning. It's a "Grinchy" little post, but it gives me and others heart that there are still deals to be had out there in this economy. Positivity strengthens the heart! Go here to read it. :)

Remember to take the time not to stress, not to think we need so many presents, not to run around with your head cut off. Christmas is for enjoying each other and taking in the season. The beautiful lights we rush right by without noticing. The frosty air that hangs low in the mornings turning the sky that beautiful midnight blue. Let's notice all that God has given us! I'm sure people would feel panic knowing that I haven't even started Christmas shopping. Not me. I'll go when I can, and when we open presents Christmas morning it will be more about being together than what we are receiving.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A new credo

I'm ready for life to begin again. Not that it ever stopped. When Dad died last Saturday morning, it seemed as if we were wrapped in a little warm cocoon. Our grief and the realization that he's whole again held us, as a family, together. Until someone you love dies, you never quite realize what goes on behind the scenes. We all took the time to be together and soak it up. Then reality hits, and there's a funeral to plan. Emotions run on high gear and you just go and go until you're ready to collapse. My daughter was able to fly home from college in Florida to be with us. In the days before, as Dad was nearing the end, I just wanted her to walk in the door so I could give her a hug. There's something about wanting everyone near. We can let our hair down, and just know, that no matter what happens during these times, that love is never far.

I will miss my dad. Even though we never spent tons of time together, I knew he was always there. His seat in the front row at the Perry Reese Center will seem extra vacant this year. He didn't go to all the games last year, but the seat was always there waiting for him like an old friend. Even at his weakest, he was at family events leading prayer or a song. Ready as ever with a sarcastic remark to make us laugh. Most of the grandkids remember him poking them with his cane --- my sisters and I remember the large knuckles rapping us on the head!

We never shared alot of words, but we shared the same interests. As a young child, basketball was a way of life. Tuesdays, Fridays, and some Saturdays meant games. We scoured every end of the neighboring counties, traveling near and far. That tiny gym at Jewett-Scio, the drive to Wayne County's Northwestern, the curvy drive to East Knox, and I could still probably drive to Lakeland (which is no more!) if I had to. He taught me to be a faithful not a fair-weather fan. Cleveland fans know this, as did Hiland's fans in those lean years. We love our Indians, and my love of the Browns is legendary. I have to admit I don't watch them as much as I did in the past, and that's not because they are plain awful. Life, kids, and a husband who hates football did that to me! I get as many games in as I can. We were never told we couldn't play something. Volleyball, basketball, softball, track. Whatever we did, mom and dad supported us. Even when I quit basketball after my freshman year. Dad told me this, "I would much rather see you happy. I support you." My dad never had alot of words, but that stuck with me. I'm sure he was disappointed. He used to come out to pick me up from practice, and watch us. Abe Mast was my coach, and they would chat on the sidelines. He helped me perfect my foul shot.

Dad was never afraid of life. He never cared what people thought of him or what he did. He said what he wanted, embarrassing or not. He could talk to anyone and their brother and make them feel like they were his best friend. Today I'm choosing to live my life out loud. To not be afraid or stand in a corner. I will not hide what I love, or make excuses for the way I live. I will put out front what I want to people to see from me --- whether they like it or not. Most of all, I will learn to laugh at myself -- life is too short to be too serious. This is me. Thank you Dad, for being an example. It took me 41 years and your passing to see this. Sing me an extra song, Dad. Your strength has made me strong!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A poem

A passage that goes to my heart at this time ....

I'm standing on the seashore. A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She's an object of beauty and strength and I stand and watch her until, at length, she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and the sky comes down to mingle with each other. And then I hear someone at my side saying, "There, she's gone."

Gone where? Gone from my sight, that is all. She is just as large in mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my side. And just as able to bear her load of living freight to the place of destination. Her diminished size is in me, not in her.

And just at the moment when someone at my side says, "There, she's gone, " there are other eyes watching her coming, and there are other voices ready to take up the glad shout, "Here she comes!"

And that is dying.

I love you, Dad.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

One need not be a chamber to be haunted;
One need not be a house;
The brain has corridors surpassing
Material place.
~Emily Dickinson

I love Halloween. Not "All Hallows Eve" or the evil aspects of it, just the good creepy fun that makes shivers run down your spine. About five years ago, I sent in a little story to a website that collects eerie experiences in Ohio. Go here to read about it. It seems silly now to read about it, but at the time we were more than a little freaked out!

As we speak, Hunter has tried on about
ten different costume choices for Trick or Trunk tonight. He is definitely my "special effects" artist in the family. I think he should have a show on Nickelodeon. :) I also think it would be cool to go to the Ghost Walk in Millersburg. It's put on by the Millersburg Historical Society and has live actors acting out the "experiences" that they tell you about. Not sure I will go, but thinking about it.

My friend Leslie Limon, who lives in Mexico, shared a spooky little experience that was very interesting to read. Go here to read her story! It will give you a little shiver.

I had a very interesting week working at Coblentz Chocolates. I've been hired there as seasonal help, working up until Christmas. It's the first time in 20 years I've worked a 40 hour work week. Crazy. It's also very hard watching all the chocolates and caramels go by and not just grabbing them to eat! Kind of interesting, Women Who Eat Chocolate... and now I'm working in a Chocolate Factory! How ironic.

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2009

My week

Here's an overview of my week:

-- Traveled the girls soccer tournament trail twice to watch my baby play in the sectionals down below Zanesville. Won the first game on Monday, and lost on Wednesday. Way to go, Selena! Good season, and always sad to see it end. On the other hand, no more $6 tickets to pay for. :) And honestly, I don't think I would want to go down there again -- they don't make popcorn for soccer games! They thought I was out of my mind when I ordered it. Well, guess what, I thought they were out of their minds! haha

--Set up for my niece Heather's garage sale in Berlin. She has never had a garage sale in her life, therefore there was much to be done! We had a two-dayer, and plan on having a sort of "perpetual garage sale" if you will. As she pulls out more stuff, we will have more sales. She doesn't park in the garage so it all works out.

--Tonight we worked outside. It's alot of fun getting your kids out there to mow and weedeat on any given day after school starts. They somehow think that school exempts you from work -- NOT. After some arm-twisting, motors were running and weeds were being whacked. This is the time of year I long for it to freeze for good. The grass needs to die -- now! I cleaned out the patio area, raked some leaves and tidied up a bit. You will not, however, see me cutting flower stalks down. I've boycotted that this year, and am awaiting the day they become odd-looking snow sculptures with the first snow.

--I'm excited that this was the week my washer decided to die! Just kidding. The washer has been a faithful friend to me for 15 years -- and it was used when we bought it. It's been making odd groaning noises for the last year, then on to a grinding screech. How do you kill an old friend? Just keep washing with it until it dies and throws water all over your pre-fabricated floor. That usually does the trick. The dryer control has died too. Exciting week!

--Selena is leaving tomorrow for the Circleville Pumpkin Show/Band trip. My little flutist will march in two parades tomorrow, stay overnight, then off to OSU and a shopping trip to Easton. I guess this is not something I'm doing, but anything my kids do is in my realm. She's excited.

--Since I've been gone everyday this week, tomorrow I plan to read. I'm sure, though, that this will not come to pass. Always something comes up and takes precedence over my leisurely reading day. I am allowed to have one once in awhile! The book I'm reading is called "Water for Elephants". I'm loving it...the whole one page per day I can ever get read. Sigh.

--I have two pounds of hamburger out to thaw -- any interesting hamburger recipes I haven't tried 20 times? Really, I'm open....

--Along with reading day tomorrow, it's also Hunter/Missy evening. I think Hunter is burned out with Java Jo's every Friday and has opted lately to stay in with me, Mom. We make Toll House Marble Squares and watch our favorite show, Ghost Adventures. I love Fridays.

--Coffee time with George has been lacking this week, what with his job putting in new countertops and sinks for Stacey Beck. Busy, busy... need to catch up with him.

I'm now officially tired and heading for my soft bed. You're all probably sleeping anyway from reading about my mundane week. It might be boring, but it was mine!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Airstream dreamings....

This picture, encapsulated, is what I want. If I could take an old Airstream and fix it up into a Taco Truck, I would. Now, granted, I also want to have a "Used Book Store/Junk Store"... add into that mix my love of writing. I guess it pretty much leaves my dreams all mixed up --- a melange of all my wants and desires tangled up into one hot mess. This is what life is made of. What we want to do with our lives, and what we end up actually accomplishing. But who says we can't do what we want? Who says we have to sit in our little shells and stay content with what we have? Now I'm not saying I'm not content --- I'm so happy with my family and my little cottage. Nothing could make me happier. I feel, though, that God made us for more. Not long ago I posted a quote on Facebook that went something like this: "Your natural abilities are God's suggestions for your life's work." quote by Clyde Narramore. So what happens when you're good at writing, good at junking, a pro at finding books on the cheap, and have a husband that's the best mexican chef around? I'm guessing in our case you start a painting business. :) In all seriousness, life happens. You have kids, you live day to day and your dreams get shuffled under the rug along with all the rest of the dust bunnies of life. On occasion we lift up that rug, sweep out the dust, contemplate it, then lay the rug back down to gather dirt all over again. I think there comes a point in life though, when that rug is worn out. It's time to pick it up and throw it away. And what do you know? All those dreams come to the surface and make your heart throb with the passion you thought you had laid to rest. This period in my life is bringing lots of things to the surface. My kids are older, and my husband and I don't feel like wasting alot of time of things we don't love. Navigating this tricky world sometimes leaves us weary and face down in the dirt. God knows what we need --- but he also knows what we want. Being the good Father that He is, he wants to give us some of those things. Anyone being a parent knows how we love to give gifts to our children. How do we know what they want, though, if they don't ask? I know that everything we ask for isn't going to be given to us, but God longs to bless us! He knows I want an Airstream for a Taco Truck and he knows I want a space in which to full with blissful junk and lovely used books. Tack on in there a space to write to my hearts' content --- and the funds to do it with. Oh, I know I won't get it all --- but at least I've realized that God wants me to ask for it. I'm ready to do what it takes, and accept what it is in this life that He wants me to do.

"Your vision is too small because of your pain. You're focused on your lack. Hang it all! Live as if you have it all! Because you do! You have My undying love, My forgiveness, My power. You have ME!" ~God~

Friday, October 2, 2009


I never thought I was a late writer. You know, into the wee hours of the night. Yet here I am, full of ideas and thoughts. When I was a teenager I was a total night owl. Prowling around the room until 4 am. Listening to music or reading. After you get married there is someone else that shares your time and I was always considerate of that. But just maybe, I need to spend some time roaming around the house at night, or just writing. Writing until my head unloads some of this stuff that's been building up for twenty years.

I just can't believe it's fall already. The summer went so quickly what with Belle's graduation, then leaving for college. Selena starting high school, and soccer for them all. It's just crazy. Life is fragile and full of mystery. I've been delving into some heavy stuff lately. I mean, there is always the day to day, but I've realized that when my stress level gets to the top it's time to turn it all over to God. Why can't I remember this simple solution before my stress spills over? I sometimes feel like he's a little sick of all my problems --- but that's just the human in me doubting it all.


Even when I feel tortured not knowing what will happen next, I know he's directing me with a not-so-gentle nudge. Now whether I choose to listen or feel that nudge is a different thing altogether. I have always heard God's voice, but not always listened. He's outright pushed me to do things in the past and I just kept on walking. Right now I'm laying face-down in his hands and he's a-carrying me because I just can't walk. Thank you God for picking me up one more time when all I really deserve is a butt whooping!

... the silence is a pressure
in the vacuum of my head.
Is He in there? picking apart
my brain until I hear him?
...or is he waiting in stillness
until the roar of my head
ceases. Wake up and be
silent. ...so you can hear...

Monday, September 21, 2009

From my heart

Complacency compelled me to sit. Enthralled in life around me, yet inclusive to myself. My thoughts were a one-track cassette, endlessly playing a tune of my own liking. The song would catch me up in it's throes of singularity. Worries were few. Why. If but I could have seen earlier what my insolent insouciance would mean.

It all came crashing down in a haze of pain. We had known pain. But here it was again but ten-fold. Waking me up with a blinding dose of recklessness. And it just kept heaping on. My own self and what I thought important were replaced with what I had missed the whole time. My love had been careless without regard. Expectations had been placed and my eyes were blinded to what I should have seen and done.

There are things that can crush you and leave you gasping for air. Air. That heady wind that sustains fragile life within us. My air was gone. And so I clawed. I clawed without God. The center of myself said I could do it alone. We could do it alone and survive. All the while that quiet presence waited. No responsibilities heaped on me by the brilliant color of His lucidity. He just smiled and waited.

Until the day came. That day when the fight of doing things outside his nest becomes too great. The nest that rests in his hand. The place where there is nothing but being loved. The love of Him rests and resides inside us, leaving only Him to work for us. For the love of us.

Did I think I could not be loved. Was the pain of doing it all myself a test so I could see what my other half felt. My better half. The one that always sees the best in this dirty shell I live in. The one who, along with Him, has waited patiently for me to crawl out of my own ignorance. Our ignorance.

Veils are gone. Ripped to shreds by the One who lives solely for us. Why do we fight with futility. Tears fall like hot stinging steam down my cheeks and stain my shirt. I've been waging a battle I didn't have to fight. He has done the fighting for me. To love me is all He wants.

I rest wearily in his hand. I have given up and sweet peace fills the valleys and dark holes of my heart. No matter what will happen in this life. No matter the pain or tragedy that fills us. It's all meant to push us where he wants us. Peace is mine -- because I am His.

by... Missy

Friday, September 4, 2009


This summer has simply proven too much for me to keep up with my blogging. What with Belle's graduation, and then moving her to college in Florida there has been no room to breathe! Sometimes I remind myself to sit down, put my shoulders back, and just relax. It's hard to do it! Posting a few pics is what I'll do....too many words and I'll hyperventilate. haha
Fort Lauderdale. I once envisioned this town as party central for spring break, which in all honesty probably is. The rest of the weeks it's just this beautiful picturesque town. The beach was beautiful.
We took this the first night at our sweet retro Hotel Biba. We just loved it here. The architecture and ambiance fit our personality to a T.
...and then we left her in the care of this university. Palm Beach Atlantic. She's on her own now studying, doing laundry, and sprouting wings. Is she ready? There is no answer to that. The answer comes with the wind and the successive years that are tacked on to one's age. Are we ever ready for anything? To be ready one must dive in and feel life move around you. We have left Belle to embrace this---as we must embrace and live our life.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

viajando en mi mente

My mind is traveling trails that lead back to Mexico. Sometimes our lives here are messy, convoluted and twisted into the fabric of Holmes County. This is my home, where I grew up, where all my family is. Then I met a most fabulous man that changed the make-up of my life. When George appeared and also became twisted into my heart, where I belong in this world became cloudy. It's almost an ethereal place to exist, this in-between place. It's a place of shifting patterns that run in my mind. It's a place I can visit just by looking on my husband's face and following crinkly lines that fall away from his eyes. My heart has been searching high and low for reasons to remain here. Yes, my family is here. My sisters....my parents... but who is my family? My family is George, Belle, Selena, and Hunter. They are my heart--walking around outside my body. We scratch and claw here to survive. Work comes and work fails. We feel like we're living inside a box sometimes--a box that has no door to open. Sometimes not knowing where your next check will come from is enough to leave you panting for air.... and not getting the breaths you need to live. It's also a place that has entwined our hearts so closely that NOT having lived this life, I feel we wouldn't be as close. We work together for a common cause. But that trail that always leads to Mexico, the one that's always open in the back of my mind, is moving forward and imbueing my mind with light. I know we're being prodded. God's been poking me in the back for years now. Sometimes I feel we're not totally successful here because we're not supposed to be---maybe to be successful, we need to listen to the proddings. there's a great big world for us to succeed in. Whether it's here, or in a crumbling shack by the sea in Mexico, I need to find out where that might be. We can sit here and slowly dis-assemble piece by piece, or follow our heart's longing...... I'm open, Lord.

Monday, June 29, 2009

....liquid summer oblivion.....

Can't believe how summer is flying. The days sometimes stretch into lazy oblivion, and I find myself wishing the kids would never have to go back to school. I love my kids right now, with all the quirks and idiosyncracies and all. They never cease to amaze me. Their liveliness, their candor, their anger---I need to take it all in and hold it there. They will leave me someday and never look back. I want this for them. I don't want to hold onto them so tightly in this little cocoon that they won't know how to succeed in this world. I want to give them the freedom to expand and fly.

This summer has also been trying. Belle, having graduated, is taking on all the characteristics of someone who is living "outside" this house. In short, she wants to do whatever she wants to do. I bear with this, while my husband, who is the most amazing Dad ever, talks to her. He wants unparalleled success for them, and he will point out to her, in the most minute way, what she needs to be doing. Out every night, no job, no gas, will not get you far. She will soon be far away from us---she needs to be standing on her own two feet--and learning to buy her own shampoo. So we are also crawling through this summer of our daughter's landing pad, trying sometimes not too gently, to get her rocket to take off smoothly. It's a summer of friends leaving, and tears into the night. Sometimes I want to rip my hair out, and sometimes I absorb all the emotions and tears through my very pores. Every event, every instance is wrought with deep feeling. When I get in my car and leave her in West Palm Beach, I know that every talk---every argument---and every coming back together will not have been for naught.

So, in this summer of deep contentment and mental unrest, I keep myself unruffled. My love for my kids and husband rides high on my countenance. I could not love them more through these liquid years, that I know will all too soon come to an end. Even though I feel like I could say I throw in the towel, I move on.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

time marches on....

Well, it's done. My baby has graduated. I know, I know....it's not my LAST baby but the first one. Still, it is unbelievable that she is now done with high school. It seems only yesterday that she climbed on that big yellow bus, her nose pressed up against the glass. I watched her little face get smaller and smaller as it traveled down the road. Now she's done. Ready to go out and grab her life. God has so many plans for her that she isn't even aware of yet. Like where she's going to college. She was accepted into several colleges here in the area, but she always wanted to go out of state. She just accepted the fact that she would go here, and chose Mt. Union in Alliance. Well, God had a few other plans in mind for her. LeeAnn Miller told us about Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, FL. ---- Florida....Florida..... She had gone there, and Belle kind of got excited about it. Some connections were made, meetings had, and applications sent in. Belle had a phone interview with them, and one week later, on the last day of school she got a call in 8th period. She called me crying and said she had been accepted to Palm Beach. I was flabbergasted, and so happy. Her life is calling her to places out of the norm. Not all of us are meant to stay here in Holmes Co. and I always knew she was one of them. She is going for spanish translation, and is ready to conquer the world. I'm so proud of her, and a little bit jealous. I still have that bug to get out in the world...to just go and do something! I know God still has plans for me, and I'm only getting in the way of them. You heard that right. I get in the way of God's plans for me because I worry... and I stress. If I would sit here quietly and listen, God would point the way. We're raising kids right now, but George and I are hungry travelers. Itching to find the road less traveled....the funky unique places that we're meant to be. Maybe if I just sit still long enough to listen......

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

breaking free

There has been too much going on! My computer died, and I felt disconnected for a whole month. For some reason my thoughts have been pouring out in journal form....and I mean actual paper that you use a pen to write on. LONGHAND! I used to journal in high school, but it somehow fell to the wayside. Stories, and tidbits have been appearing in my journal and I realize that I'm letting the wellspring go. All these things that have been hiding inside of me wanting to be released--I'm letting them come out. I know that God has given me the talent to write, and by golly I'm doing it. I have a 3-pager about my recent trip to VA that I'm thinking of putting on here. Maybe tomorrow I'll do that and see what you all think....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scenes from a couch

Ha ha... this is what you do when you're stuck at home and there's 3 feet of snow outside! Needless to say these were take several weeks ago during our big snow... Ah George...always good for a laugh--and so cute! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009


Missy's life in a nutshell this week:

--George is busy working :)

--While people brush it out of the way...I have been ENJOYING the snow--I love the trail to my

--Belle's car blew a tire on one of the coldest nights of the year...changing said tire in 0 degree
weather was not fun! Thanks to the random amish guy who helped George get that last nut

--Belle's boyfriend Colton, has mono! This has caused much moping and dragging of oneself
around the house. Said child acts like she has it herself...which in fact...we are closely watching
and making sure she doesn't develop it! Oh young love... :) This too shall pass....

--Many basketball games have been attended...including the Malvern game which was by far
the best I've seen this year! Even though Colton couldn't play....he's out for a good two weeks
from games. WHICH has caused aforementioned child even more distress. This also, shall
pass in the blink of an eye!

--Selena and Hunter were both in the Hiland Jr. High Spelling Bee. Both are excellent spellers
and looked forward to it. We studied for nights on end! They both did well, and Selena ended
up placing 4th. Even though the word she misspelled, S-H-O-A-L , was not in the book we
studied! I told her she did super, then she reminded me...the word queen...what I misspelled
in the Holmes Co. Spelling Bell back in 1982-- R-E-C-E-I-V-E-D. Hey, the microphone was
crackly and I misunderstood him! ;)

--All of my Christmas decorations are finally down...except for the manger scene on top of my
TV cabinet. I keep forgetting it!

--Lastly, my mind has been occupied with my sister and her kids. They need to be back home
with her, not somewhere they had no idea they were going. Please God, let this situation be
resolved in the right way, not the way it's BEEN going.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


hang on!

Yes, I am still around! We've been buried in snow... and hibernating just a bit. I'll post later on what's been going on!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A few Christmas pix

We always sing at the nursing home Christmas Eve for Grandma Stutzman!

Hunter w/his new outfit....when did he start getting such stylish wishes for clothing?!

George watching the impromptu dance party that happened in Shelly's basement.

Belle and Colton...the newest "addition" to our family...so far we think we'll keep him!

I just love this picture w/Selena.....