Thursday, July 31, 2008

will of God

"the will of God will not take you.....where the grace of God cannot keep you"....

this is a verse that I've had had written down for at least ten years and kept in my purse. it's come in handy more than once to remind me what i need to remember. a friend of mine just sent me an e-mail that had this exact verse on it. thanks tracie. sometimes i need to remember this verse and rest in it. when everything is too overwhelming to take in and process i need to remember to pull out this verse.

somedays closing my eyes and leaning back into a soft pillow just isn't enough. the long stream of troubles that follow me just don't let me rest. i'm not complaining..... my life is good. i've got healthy kids, a handsome husband, (!) and a relatively great life. there's always things that plague us through this life. the devil never lets us alone so why should we ever let our guard down... i found that my guard has been down alot even when i think it's not.

always be ready for a strike....it can hit you at the heart just when you think everything is good and beautiful.


Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

All I can say is go see it. Awesome movie.... Super action.... Heath Ledger was amazing. He was the most demented Joker to ever play the Joker! Sorry Jack Nicholson. We laughed at him at one turn and the next were in shock at his violence.

Now that's what I call a summer movie!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

too hot

It's been so hot this week! It's almost unbearable. If I didn't have air I don't know what I'd do. Melt I guess. This morning driving up to work all I could see was a blue haze nestled in the dewy valleys. There was also an interesting sunset last night and the moon was kind of spooky then too. The sun set in just a blaze of hot pink...it was so beautiful. Then when I closed the curtains to go to bed the moon was big and yellow surrounded by dark puffy clouds. Kind of eerie but beautiful also. So often this past week I've been looking around our county and realizing how beautiful it really is. It's so green verdant and lush. We need to take the time to notice. It's easy to forget and just race about our day.

Monday, July 7, 2008

time keeps on slipping...slipping...slipping into the future...

I'm not moving. At least in the direction I want to be going. There's so many things swishing and sloshing around inside my head and none of them are getting accomplished. Let's take writing for example. I have about 10 unfinished novels inside of my head, and at least one book on garage sales (LOL). Every morning I get up I say to myself that I'm going to get started on at least one of them. Then the kids get up, or George is at home and wants to talk....(which is fine!).....but they all throw me off track. I need to carve out a space of time for myself and just do it. I need to say to my kids, no standing over my shoulder waiting for their turn on the computer. It's very annoying having a face right beside you....then sitting on the steps staring at you.....or walking past me 10 times. I know exactly what they want so sometimes it's easier just to get off and let them have it. Why oh why don't they sleep in until 12:00 like I did? Just kidding. My kids are not little anymore, and they don't really bug me at all like they used to. Now it's just pointed glares that mean "come on mom I want to check my Myspace!"....... LOL. I need to ask myself though...do I take the time to do this when they're in school? Then I have about 9 hours until they come home from school and practices to type to my heart's content. But do I? Hmmmmm..........I guess not because I see no books printed or royalty checks coming in! Wouldn't that be nice? Maybe I'm just procrastinating. I think deep down I'm scared that I won't be able to do it. Now I wonder who could be telling me that.......maybe........the Devil?

Hahahahahaha..... A little deep for a Monday morning but I know that old trickster loves to tell me what I won't be able to do. I'm a little sick of his attitude! Maybe I should put on some old Carman music...that always gets me in a good mood and sends old Satan out the door. I believe in myself and the gifts that God has given me, and it's time for me to use them. God didn't give this gift to let it set under the tree unopened. Time to rip off the paper and get started.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th all..... I'm working on this rainy 4th and the skies have been cloudy all day. Where is the hot weather and the smell of meat grilling under oppressive hot skies? It all took a hike this summer!

God is good.....under cloudy skies or sun......good times or bad.....he's right where he said he would be....right beside us.

Gotta go.....busy busy!