Monday, July 23, 2007

Looking for a cheap car

Have you ever tried to find the best deal on a car for your kid? Esabelle is now almost 17 and we still don't have a car for her. We simply couldn't get one last winter, but now it's really time to do it. I've been searching on craigslist.com, and ebay searching for one that's cheap but won't let her sit by the side of the road. Kids this age always seem to think they need a "cool" car...I.E. one that's red and fast. I will not take a loan out for a car for her, so I'm looking for something that's cheap and runs. I never had a car when I was in school and rode the bus until I graduated. Belle said she would rather die than ride the bus....good grief. I always said they would have to pay for their own car.....but she just couldn't find a job this summer. With soccer coming up and lots of practices and games, it seems that now is the time. If anyone has a car that's cheap, runs, and they want to make me an incredible deal....contact me! :)

Well, I'm going back to work this week. It looks like my back is finally getting back to semi-normal. There are still positions, or rather chairs that I have problems getting comfortable in. I've been doing these stretching exercises that seem to be helping...and when I can...I'm going to start walking around my backyard again. I do about 15 laps. I know, I know...I should walk on the road, but I just hate it. I'd much rather do laps in the backyard...I'm sure I look ridiculous but who cares.....If it makes me feel better I'm all for it. I'm challenging myself to get as healthy and fit as I can for an almost 40 year old....note the almost. I have a little over a year to go...actually a year and 2 months. Maybe I could actually lose weight before I turn 40.....hmmm. I could go into that decade looking more fabulous than I ever have. I like this idea.

40....fit...and fabulous! or maybe I'll be 40...fat...and full of crap...:) Just kidding...it's time to turn a new leaf! Or rather to shed one....

Viva una nueva dia!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

getting out of the house

Okay, I think I am finally healing. I've laid low for about 3 weeks now---no working, no lifting, and for the last week and a half I haven't gone anywhere. I am finally able to sit down without my butt falling asleep, and the pain is lessening. Thank you God! It's been a trial, but I'm making it through. My family has been amazing....for doing everything for me and for putting up with me! And thank you mom for pulling my weeds and making me chicken and noodles....what could be better! I think I am actually leaving the house today.....finally....because the kids have been going crazy to see "Transformers"...and to tell you the truth so have I! I just love movies like that. Some of my fave movies include Armageddon...Independence Day...and so forth. I am a little worried about sitting for that long in the theater...it's getting so that I'm afraid to leave the house. I've got to heal sometime though so I'm going to go for it...a little pain won't kill me. I've heard excellent reviews about this movie so I'm pumped!

Well, it's been all about soccer this week at our house. Belle and Selena have gone for four days to the Hiland girls soccer camp. They've been loving it. Also, the Copa America has been on and my family is crazy for watching the mexican national soccer team compete. Although they lost to Argentina (we intensely dislike Argentina!), they are playing for third place tonight against Uruguay. We're pumped for that too! Hunter sprained his ankle pretty bad this week at soccer open gym, so he's been laying around the house with me. He's getting better though. I was talking with George yesterday morning about all the soccer activities and he says it reminds him so much of going to soccer stuff with his brother. He even had a tear in his eye....he's so sentimental.

Well, gotta go and get ready for the movie. I'll let you know how it went later!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

French Women Don't Get Fat

Well, I'm still in alot of pain. This is the second week I haven't been able to work. I don't know how much longer I can justify laying in my bed all day. :) To be honest, I can walk around and sit for awhile, but it kills me to drive. George called me (thinking I was feeling better), and wondered if I would go get Burger King for breakfast...(is that included in my french diet?)...hmmm.. Anyway, I decided I would try this. He's working up at the condos in Berlin, so I drove up there to get money and to get the food. Remind me not to drive again until I feel okay! I was in tears by the time I got back to the house. It was horrible. I think it must be the way I have to bend my leg to drive. I just can't do it.....and Belle is in California all week! She is my driver! At least I can sit for longer periods of time now....it's just ridiculous though. When you're sick you get better, but I guess with back pain it takes longer. I feel guilty being down for this long.

I am determined to try this french way of eating though. I've had that book for a long time now, almost 2 years, and I have never read it. I guess it takes being bed-ridden to read books you've been putting off. It just sounds so simple and fresh the way they eat. All the food is what a diabetic can eat too.....fish...nuts....fresh fruit....yummmm....and the best part is the dark chocolate in small amounts. They don't deprive themselves...they just eat small portions. Our american way of eating is too huge. They eat pasta too, but in very small amounts, not the huge bowls we tend to live on. I love pasta. sigh.

Right now I'm reading a book on a man who traveled through Siberia. When I was a teenager, I used to want to travel to Siberia. People thought I was crazy. I just have this traveling itch to go to the most remote places on earth. I could picture myself in the most freezing part of the planet in some log cabin. I used to pore through the encyclopedias and look at maps to see what parts of the world looked interesting. No internet back then. I also had an itch to travel to Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey...anywhere off the beaten path. I want to go the back streets of these places and find really cool run-down buildings and imagine their history. I would publish pictures of them and write blurbs about them. Maybe someday I can still do this....George has just as much of a traveling bug as I do. Now if I could just win that mega million.....

Vive les mangueses de chocolat!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Sciatic pain

Let me just say that I've been through the week from hell.....literally. If you've never had back pain then count yourself as lucky. I've had back pain before, but never sciatic nerve pain. Oh my word......the pain was indescribable. This is July 2, and it started in full force on June 22. With every throb it was like a knife slicing down through my leg. I couldn't sit, and I couldn't stand....all I could do was lay in my bed and cry. George didn't know what to do for me, and neither did my kids. When mom is down, the whole house is down! I've been to the Chiropractor 5 times for laser treatment, and it seems to be working. I'm actually able to sit down at the computer and type. What a ride. Although the pain was terrible, in a way it was nice to be waited on. I'm always the one waiting on everyone else, so meals being brought to my bed was nice. :) The hard part was eating them laying down! That was tricky! And I definitely got caught up on my reading. I think I ready about 4 books last week...that is after the pain medication started kicking in. Then I was floating along. I might be able to go to work this week.....it's also painful without that check coming in!

As all this was happening, Hunter left us last week to stay a week at Camp Luz for boys camp. He had a blast. Swimming, fishing, and singing loud to God---he loved it. But it was hard because he's the one that does everything for me without complaining! Don't get my wrong, my girls did alot for me. George was awesome too. When he came home from work everyday, he'd lay down in bed with me and we'd laugh and talk. He made it better....as only a husband can do sometimes.

Belle left us yesterday to go to the Mennonite Youth Conference in San Jose, California. They flew out of Columbus, with some 60 Holmes Co. kids packed in. She called me last night to let me know they had arrived. This morning I heard from her (and all the girls screaming in the background) and she had to brag about the view from her 15th floor Hilton hotel. They can see the whole city and mountains in the background. I've heard this convention can really change a kids life....I hope it has a lasting impact. It's the opportunity of a lifetime.

Well, that's about all I can tolerate sitting for the time being. Time to walk around or lay down.....I just got a new book about the south of France....hmmmmm.....maybe I need to start it right away. I also read the book "French Women Don't Get Fat".....I really liked and think I need to start eating french..... maybe I'll create my own eating book.."Les Mangueses de Chocolat"... translation: women who eat chocolate......nice.