Sunday, April 27, 2008

Have I gone nuts?

I know you love my new cassette background....... I couldn't resist. It reminded me too much of all the mix tapes that I used to make. I'm at work tonight and can't think of anything profound to say. The kids had soccer scrimmages today at Millersburg and George and I watched them while sitting under the beautiful sun. It was a gorgeous today. Maybe I'll be a little more word-worthy tomorrow.....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Belle's Prom

here's a few pictures from Belle's prom last Saturday night.... it was her first! Her and her date Cody Troyer, and Jordan and his date Jana ate up at Peter Shear's in downtown Canton. Then came back for the dance and after prom.
Belle and Cody

at the Grand March at Hiland

all the couples that met and took pictures

Belle and Cody in his mom's BMW

Jordan and Jana at Grand March

Jordan, Jana, Belle, and Cody

Jordan and Belle....weren't they just 2 years old and in diapers?

Belle and Steph Mast.....BFF's :)

Belle and Shelly.....I like this pic cuz you can see her whole hairstyle

all the girls

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mountain Mission Kids!

We had such a blast having Rhonda's boys up here last weekend. We had four of them stay at our house: Robel, Chris, Eman, and Yonas. They were all so polite and well-behaved.....but I still heard them laughing and talking when they thought we couldn't hear them! It was definitely a whirlwind weekend. On Friday night when they got here we had a meal. Afterward, we split up into whoever wanted to play basketball or soccer. We took the soccer kids down to Killbuck to play. Scott and George played like they thought they were 18 again...needless to say they paid for it the next morning! On Sunday morning we all went to church out at Newpointe. We all had to say goodbye after that which was sad.....but our kids are bugging us to go down to Virginia now to visit. So...we'll see what we can do about that!the kids who stayed with us.....Zach and Hunter had already left w/Rhonda for church...

after church in the sanctuary...

Rhonda and I......I still look a little tan :)

Hunter can hold anybody's attention!Robel and I....he told Rhonda he was going to stay in Ohio with us!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Florida pics

the beach and water were so incredibly clean and clear! it made up for the red tide that was there when Adri got married. the water was so turquoise.

Hunter and Jefferson (Steph's brother) they played non-stop the whole vacation.

George and Selena.....see how clear the water was?

all tan and gussied up for supper...

the crew...we pretty much were w/steph's family on the beach everyday...it just kind of happened that way...we had a blast!

@ the Beach House restaurant...

I thought the girls looked so pretty in this pic...

George and I...and his racoon tan! he would never take those darn sunglasses off!

George with his favorite....OYSTERS! :)

We had a super time.... it was just what we needed after everything that happened this year. We just needed time as a family to be together again with nothing else to focus on except ourselves. Now....if only I could find the WARM sun here in Ohio!

Where is the sun?

I'm at work right now on this chilly Wednesday morning---I still have a little bit of Florida warmth left in my bones and I miss the sun! Me...Miss Winter&Snow actually is ready for spring and summer. We had a super vacation--we really reconnected as a family which is just what we needed. I'll have some pics up later today after work. My laundry pile is finally going down so I might just have time to sit down and update my blog. We'll see how that goes.

Come back later for some fun in the sun pics!