Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trail of Terror

Well we finally were able to round up enough people at work and go to the Trail of Terror! Deanna, Tiffany, Twila, and I headed up to Zoar to eat at the Zoar Tavern, then we headed over to the trail. It was pretty good. I probably screamed the most when the guy with the chainsaw started chasing us. I guess I didn't know I could still run that fast! It was fairly creepy for one being outside in a woods, and two it was drizzling. It all added to the atmosphere. And of course, they made me go first! We had alot of fun though.

I'm so tired I can barely keep my head up here at work this morning. Rhonda and Scott arrived last night, and I was up until 12 talking to them. But it was at least 1:30 am until I heard everybody quiet down downstairs. Then when my alarm went off three hours later...I about jumped out of my skin. My eyelids felt glued to my eyes! Oh well, I guess I can take a cat nap later this afternoon........please.....!!

My windows are coming next week......the contractor is starting sometime next week.....and all the trash and things to tear off walls will be gone! Thank you Lord for the patience you're giving me. I love my hubby so much----he's what's keeping the house moving along!

Monday, October 22, 2007

party pics

Jordan and Jena
Watching the pinata break
Jana, Victoria, and Braylee...George says you're never too old to hit a pinata!
Hunter being himself....a little scary though!
Belle and Billy.....although they've broke up now....teenagers.
Dillon Callahan...him and Matt Ling hid upstairs and scared everybody silly!

Selena and Belle at the party

Thursday, October 11, 2007

39 and holding

Okay...I made it to 39 and I still feel like I'm 21. Although my sciatic nerve would have to disagree. I've heard it said that we need to start acting our age as we inch closer to 40-----well I don't want too! I want to be the age I am, but still have a young heart. Just the other day I got the urge to one of those haunted houses they have up this time of year. I love to go and get the willies scared out of me.

Guess what happened yesterday. As you probably know, today is Belle's birthday too. Yes, she was my gift 17 years ago. Anyway, we were planning a party for her and her friends here at mom's house. Mom and Dad are going back to Fern's to camp there for the weekend. Well, yesterday she comes home with a petition signed by all of her friends and her saying that they want to still have the party at our burned out house! They thought it would be so cool if they could have a huge bonfire and take tours through the house to get scared. Some of the guys even had plans to buy scary outfits and hide up in Hunter's room. Oh man.....after thinking about it George and I decided it was kind of a cool idea. So..........we gave in and now are kind of excited about it. We're trying to think of all kinds of spooky stuff we can do. Right up my alley.
I'll take some pics and post them on here. I love to set an eerie atmosphere. We were always the parents to have the Halloween party. One year we even had a Fear Factor contest. Nothing like sardines and prune juice blended together to make you puke. Now that was a fun evening.

Well, better go so I can get some reading done on this lazy day of mine. I'm reading the second book in that Twilight Series.....nothing like a good vampire book. haha.

Monday, October 8, 2007

One year from 40...

Okay...I seem to be having a tough time this week. My birthday is on Thursday, and I just don't want to turn 39. I never had a problem turning 30.....35.....but 39? No. Help.

That means in one year I'll be 40. sigh.

Short post today.