Thursday, August 28, 2008

swiss coffee & truffles

Things can really surprise you. You can be floating along on your little stream of life and then boom! I'm pretty happy with my insular life. We don't have a ton of friends that we have over all the time....and I've always been ok with that. I'm not the type that hangs on the phone and feels like I have to call someone incessantly with the latest news. George and I like to hang out and watch movies together or if I'm alone during the day after all my work is done I like to have a cup of coffee and read a book. Overall I like being alone---I'm very independent. That's why yesterday was so pleasant. I went along with George to do an estimate for our friends Pius and Manuela Felder. Their daughter Delia is in Belle's class. We've always been friendly with them and talk at soccer games. Well we went over there and ended up staying for three hours and fifteen minutes! We looked over what she wanted painted and stuccoed but then we sat down for coffee (swiss coffee....they are from Switzerland) and the time just flew! We talked of hospitality in different countries...how we're just too busy here in the U.S. ..... how people never just pop in for a visit. She was so glad we took the time to have coffee! Then her husband Pius came home and not long after we had a shot of Grappa...that's one for you to look up. It was strong and sweet and so interesting. I had read about it in a book about a man and his wife who took a year and lived in France. It was definitely dark and mysterious. Talk turned to cooking and all of their beautiful fresh veggies. She could be a gourmet cook.....and talked of truffles (the super expensive kind...like a mushroom) home-made pasta and all the heavy sauces we drown our pasta in. I was so fascinated. And we laughed and laughed and it felt so good. When we left we felt like we had made some really good friends. We left with the promise of cooking for each other at a sit down dinner. Maybe we haven't made good friends here because when you come from another country...it all seems different. People want to make you think that it's so much better here----we are only kidding ourselves. We're a very insular community and think about ourselves too much. There are people here that we could learn so much from if we decided to look. When I met George I definitely looked around and saw what was wrong.....and it made me sad. I want to change that. I'm so glad I took time out of my day to visit with someone else---I may have made good friend because of it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm sure I've done a post about rainy days before...but I have to pontificate on them again! There's nothing better than being inside on a rainy day. The slow drizzle lulls you into to an almost hypnotic state. My grass is so dry outside that I think I can see it slowly turning green again. The blades are just reaching up to take a drink. Imagine being that thirsty? We would slowly wither away and die..... Poor grass---it's a shame my weeds don't wither up and blow away. They seem more healthy than ever!

I'm ready for fall. It's turned a little cooler these past few days and I'm soaking it up. Fall is my ultimate season. There's nothing about it I don't like. The vivid colors.....the crisp air....sweatshirts pulled out and worn. I'm ready for that slow turn of the earth...that creaking of the seasons that comes seemingly out of nowhere!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

random pics & misc.

First day of school..... Belle's first day as a senior (tear)...Hunter's first day at Hiland as a seventh grader...and Selena's first day as an eighth grader. Where did their little faces go who used to search for me as they got on the big yellow bus and wave goodbye through the window? Now they all drive away together.

We've been hardcore Olympic-watchers these past two weeks. Here is Selena drooling over Michael Phelps. She was even taking pictures of the TV with her cell phone! haha ... I just had to capture that!
And somehow...all of George and my pictures end up like this. George is either grimacing...laughing too hard...or half his head gets cut off! Somehow they are more refreshing because they are not posed!

SOCCER SEASON IS ON! I've got three kids on three different soccer teams at Hiland. I'm super pumped for this whole season. There will be between the three of them some 50-60 games.... oh my. I couldn't be more excited.

Tonight's line-up: Hunter (jr. high soccer) @ home vs. Dover 5:00 pm
Belle (varsity girls) @ home vs. Carrollton 7:00 pm

Better go take a cat nap so I can put my screaming hat on tonight!

Friday, August 15, 2008

rapid-fire getaway

Last week I ran away for 24 hours to forget about the world......well, with a few other people. Mom, Fern, Tammy, and I went to Slippery Rock, PA to stay at a bed and breakfast. It only took a few hours to get out there. We ate at the coolest place called (if I remember right!) The North Country Brewing Co. Very loud and hip---and the dip was amazing! The town was a college town but was very small. You can blink and drive right through it. Very cool and hip though. The next day after ordering our breakfast from an 84 year old lady who's cooked there for 30 years...we headed over to the Grove City outlets for a little shopping. Then we headed on to the small hamlet of Volant...quaint shops and such. I have to say though, that living in Berlin we are definitely spoiled. We've seen all the cool shops and more! We did have a nice relaxing panini sitting on an outside deck by the river. I also made a record by buying three different chapsticks at three different shoppes.......you can never be without enough varieties of chapstick!

When all was said and done, even with the side trip hunting for $1.50 bras in the Akron Gabe's, we were gone for a grand total of 24 hours! Hard to believe you can get all that done in that amount of time. 40th birthdays only come once a lifetime and if you can't run away when it happens then you haven't lived!

By the way...40 doesn't come until October.....

And we did find bras.....and they were 50% off.....a whole .75 paid for bras from Lane Bryant! hahahaha

Also, I have no pictures of this little getaway.....it seems my eldest thought taking pictures of Cedar Point (her 2nd time this summer) was a bit more important..... hmmm..... maybe it's time to lay down the law! LOL

Friday, August 8, 2008

weekend get-away

Going away with my aunt, cousin, and mom for the weekend to Mercer Co, PA.

Bed & Breakfast.....

Breakfast made to order.....

away from the world for a little while?


Update later on.....