Wednesday, April 15, 2009

breaking free

There has been too much going on! My computer died, and I felt disconnected for a whole month. For some reason my thoughts have been pouring out in journal form....and I mean actual paper that you use a pen to write on. LONGHAND! I used to journal in high school, but it somehow fell to the wayside. Stories, and tidbits have been appearing in my journal and I realize that I'm letting the wellspring go. All these things that have been hiding inside of me wanting to be released--I'm letting them come out. I know that God has given me the talent to write, and by golly I'm doing it. I have a 3-pager about my recent trip to VA that I'm thinking of putting on here. Maybe tomorrow I'll do that and see what you all think....


Tina said...

glad to see you are back. hey did you know that NewPointe is having a writers conference seminar thingy. I need to put you in contact with the organizor and the info. perfect for you. Anyway, do journal about the VA thing. It's therapeutic. Blessings

Hummel Family said...

We sure did miss you!