Monday, June 28, 2010

Luscious Summer

"How sweet I roamed from field to field, and tasted all the summer's pride."  ~William Blake

 Summer is heavy upon us.  The days have become lazy and languid, and I'm taking it all in.  The mornings have been hazy and humid and my kids have taken the opportunity to sleep in some.  Not too late though, as we have been immersed in the soccer World Cup these past few weeks and the first games start at 9:30 am.  Their sleepy heads make their way down the steps to join me downstairs for a little futbol.  The vuvuzuelas (the horns they play at soccer games) have woken them up almost every morning.   It's been a time of bonding.  George snuck breaks in his busy work schedule to watch the Mexico and U.S. games.  I think I will go into futbol withdrawal when the final game is played July 11.  Selena will miss that game because she will be taking off to Chicago, IL for a missions trip with the MYF.  They will be working with the homeless, do street missions, work in soup kitchens, and help work on construction.  She's excited, and I am as well -- those are the times you never forget.  Belle will be taking off on a bus to visit some of her friends in New Jersey.  Her boyfriend introduced us to a bus line called the Megabus.  It takes off from Pittsburgh, and for $5, she will be able to travel to New  York -- where her friends will pick her up.  Those golden summer trips, just taking off with a little cash and not a whole lot of plans.  Those are what I wish I could do more of now.  

It's almost the July 4th weekend.  This will plunge us into the heart of summer.  Where watermelons and corn start to ripen to the fullest.  Where you want to trek to the backyard and swing in a hammock, and just watch the fireflies start to dance in the luminous moonlight.  Last night Selena came flying downstairs to run out to the porch.  I followed her, as I have done every summer when she does this.  We stood on the porch and took in the lightning show that was being put on.  The brilliant bursts of electricity looked almost like balls of light in the sky, and for a moment I was blinded.  It would fade away to return seconds later.  When the blindness was gone, I saw that Hunter and George had joined us.  We watched in silence, feeling with every nerve that beautiful summer storm.  It's these moments that I'll tuck away to bring out on a snowy winter day. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Life & Surprise Birthday Parties!

Seems I haven't had time to blog much as of late.  Belle's boyfriend  left today after a two week stay.  We really enjoyed getting to know him.  Kind of sad to see him go. :(  We're immersed in the World Cup being held in South Africa right now.  Three games a day are on and we're taking in as many of them as we can.  Two garage sales are coming up.  One at my Aunt Fern's in Benton, and then one at Jonni's house.  In between running kids to open fields, and everything else, it's been a busy summer so far!  We threw Selena a surprise 15th birthday party on Saturday.  About 25 kids came and we scared her good!  Music, food, and fun was had by all. She so didn't want a party, but I think it's because she's so not about herself.  Sometimes I have to do it for her and make it ABOUT her.  Belle took her out to eat, then brought her back.  All the kids were hiding in the woods and everywhere.  We had a blast.  George turned 43 yesterday on top of everything, but he had to work -- on a Sunday!  We chilled and had pizza when he came home. To him, it was a good birthday.  For Father's Day next Sunday we're definitely going to see a movie and eat out.  He deserves it. 

All for now -- Italy is playing Paraguy and I want to take it in

Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer & Houseguests

We have a new friend staying with us for a little while.  Belle's boyfriend from college, Jonathan Pullen, is taking a little road trip this summer and will end up in Copake, New York.  He will be working at a summer camp for kids coaching volleyball.  This is the first time we've met him, and we're all getting along swimmingly!  He grew up in Florida and is the son of Guatamalan missionaries.  He's got quite an interesting story.  For now we're just enjoying getting to know him.  It's made the summer interesting so far. 

He seems to be just as crazy as we are, and that's a good thing!