Tuesday, February 27, 2007

seinfeld blogging

well, here is my first post as an adult blogger....thanks rhonda for sucking me into it! i know alot about blogs since i've been navigating my kids blogs for years. i guess i thought no one would find my crazy thoughts very interesting. but rhonda thought that too and i've found hers very interesting. we all blog about everyday life...i guess that's why i loved Seinfeld so much....it was a show about nothing! that's not to say my life consists of nothing.....it's just not very high-profile.

today was a an extra busy one though. i had to cook a mexican meal for some ladies this morning, then after i delivered that, i picked up belle from school. ask HER sometime where we went after that.......not so fun times! but good talks though! then i headed on out to the Save-n-Serve Volunteer Appreciation Banquet @ the Carlisle Inn. now i feel stuffed.......i just started volunteering out there once a week. i am doing displays! imagine that. it's kind of fun to get out of the house and do something creative. it gets my juices flowing. i definitely need to get my juices flowing.....i definitely need a job. it's time to move on to the next level of my life. while i love being at home, i need to be doing a little bit more. i wish i could get a job writing somewhere, part-time, or maybe freelance..... that would be my dream job. technically, reading books for a living would be my dream job....but i'll take writing if i can. or even just something that pays me $7.00 per hour...???!!! we'll see....:]

i can't believe it's 1:25 am......i don't usually stay up this late, but i seem to be wired tonight. too many things going on.......maybe i'll take an aspirin before i turn in.....hahaha.....mom always told us to take an aspirin if we couldn't sleep. i guess she WAS always right.....when will my kids think i'm right...? :) i guess when they're 38.....

adios y asta manana...