Saturday, March 5, 2016

On elections, twitter, and covering our heads

As I contemplated my third cup of coffee this morning, I was also thinking on other things. There's the usual world peace, homelessness, and mom getting her wig today for her upcoming chemo treatments. Lots of things flitting through my mind, per the usual Saturday morning. I sipped leisurely.

There's also things that don't matter as well. Some of those things include whether my toilet has been cleaned, my ignoring the alarmingly large amount of sticks brought down in the front yard over winter, and the size of Donald Trump's privates. For that last thing, I drained my coffee cup and set it down gingerly.

Clearly, the angry people of America will feel better knowing he has the size to handle anything the presidency has to offer. 

Friends, this election has drained me and it's only the first of March. I blame myself for watching all the debates and getting sucked in like a whirling dervish. I'm the first to admit that I live tweet all the action. Here are some of my favorites:

@pourmecoffee: "Is anyone at the Lincoln Memorial right now? Is Abe crying?"

@benhowardOPT: "So there's a GOP Debate, the Dunk contest, and Kanye is tweeting about the Apostle Paul. Happy Valentine's Day! Burn it all down!"

@zhoag: "Tonight’s debate is on Bravo right?"

@umairh: "Ted Cruz has Chris Christie hostage face right now, check it."

I could go on and on. Twitter is the place to be for all live events, I.E. The Oscars, The Grammy's, GOP debates, and Democratic debates, and Brown's games. #BrownsTwitter is an incredibly sad and funny place to browse. There's a lot of talented people tweeting out there in the ether, and I like to add my two cents as well. There's also a bunch of tweeters who don't have good grammar. But that being said, it's where you can plaintively yell your guts out without the repercussions of a Facebook post - because we all know where those lead.

I just have one question, as I sit down after having made another pot of coffee. What are Trump supporters so angry about? Every four years I carefully consider a presidential candidate based on a myriad of things. I've never become angry, (except at ill-crafted Facebook posts) and use my right to vote on all issues. I decide who I like, not based on party lines, and never stoop to telling my small audience of followers that they'll be going to hell shortly based on their voting choice. 

Could it be they're angry at the changing face of the American landscape? The diversity that is slowing changing the "we've always done it this way" crowd? Do they feel out of control and need someone blustery and "big"  to reprimand and maintain order? I have always said that no matter who is in the White House that my life doesn't really change. I get up, get dressed, and go about my day. 

It's your vote and your choice. But don't vote for Donald just to make "America Great Again" because she never STOPPED being great. We live in a country with paved roads, full grocery stores, and fields of grain to be harvested. We need to reach out to those who have less and pull them up, not tear them them down. We need to embrace diversity, not run in fear from it. We can't cover our eyes and say, "Change is bad. Let's seal ourselves inside a wall." And if you vote for Trump on primary day, then election day? 

The fallout won't just be immense, it'll be "yuge."