Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My carpet is coming tomorrow! Woo Hoo...........!!!!!!!!!!

We will definitely be in the house by next week....all I can say is thank you God for giving me the patience to make it through!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Thought I would post a few pics of the kids rooms which we finished this week. The top one is Hunter's. He's going to have a graffiti wall which is not quite done yet. I might buy a mural that has graffiti already on it.

Belle's side of the room---she had to have hot pink!
Selena's sweet black and white stripes...very emo...it just fits her! She measured the stripes and everything...I love it.

Some people might say our colors are crazy...but my kids love them. And how long are they at home? Not long, and I want them to enjoy their rooms--not be suffocated by them! Rock on to the the color extreme!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

love my husband!

I love to watch my husband paint----he makes it look good! I go around and try to trim and it just turns out all wrong, and he swoops in and makes a super-straight edge and all is perfect again. I love him!

Painting is almost done....two bathrooms two go. Upstairs bedrooms, hallway, living room, kitchen, and master bedroom--DONE!

Carpet is ordered and being installed next week. My new refrigerator and dishwasher arrived yesterday and are installed......with ice and and water flowing out of the front of the fridge! :) Heather is coming tomorrow and we're going to tackle the bathrooms---git r done!

All that's left after that is to start putting together a million things from IKEA---give me a drill and I'm ready to assemble some beds!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I'm tired...but it's a good tired. Almost done painting! I'll post pics later.....

Go me...I hate painting but the girls and Hunter's rooms turned out fabulous.....

Heather helped mom and I out today and we got alot done.....

I'm so sad that Heath Ledger died.....

Remind me never to trim purple again.....it can't be done.....

But still looks fabulous!

My kids have awesome taste when it comes to colors.....and so do I.....

I love my house.......

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time to Paint

On Monday the painting will start! We already have a coat on some of the rooms, which we did as we had time, but now it'll start in earnest! Yesterday George and I went down to Lowes and bought 11 more gallons of paint which should finish us out. We should finish that next week, and then all that's left is to install the carpet and we already have that picked out. Within the next two weeks we should be able to move back in. I can't wait!

Taking the kids to see "Cloverfield" today. It's a movie we've seen advertised now for about 6 months. It looks really good and I'm looking forward to seeing it. They've kind of been teasing us with the trailers.....nobody knows what it's really about.....but it looks creepy. I'll let you know if we liked it.
EDIT: Cloverfield was a good movie...but I found out too late that it was filmed from the viewpoint of a person videotaping.....not good! Any movie that's filmed in a jerky motion is a movie that I get sick in! MOTION SICKNESS... Belle got sick too, and Hunter and Selena just sat there enjoying the whole thing....unfair. I made it through most of it though and it was very good.......just made me want to vomit...literally!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Finally getting around to posting some pictures of our IKEA trip! We had a blast while depleting my budget! Seriously, though, I had planned on buying a ton of stuff there. We bought beds for everyone, coffee tables, TV stands, nightstands, my bed

comforters, quilt covers, pillows, sheets, tons of stuff for the kitchen (I'm talking fun metal things!), desks for everyone, desk chairs, lamps, clocks, alarm clocks, and a HUGE clock for me to hang in my living room....... The list could go on and on! I waited so long to be able to go out and buy the fun stuff, and I'm so glad I went to IKEA to get it all. I had been buying things here and there---dishes & mugs @ Homespun, candles, knick-knacks, and so forth. But I had saved most of my energy for IKEA. We took my Aunt & Uncle Warren and Fern Stutzman's big red 15 passenger van. They went along, mom, George, the kids, and I. We took out two seats in the back to make room for stuff. We ate at Bob Evans in New Phila, then took off for Pittsburgh. We got there at eleven when they opened, shopped til we dropped, ate in their restaurant inside, and by 6:30, we were loading up the van! Now that's what i call shopping. Then we hit Steak & Shake and Starbucks on the way home.

Ready to shop!!Selena loaded down...George and Hunter.....need I say more? six carts at the checkout!
trying to fit everything into the van!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


It's around 7 and we're all getting ready to head off for Ikea in Pittsburgh, PA today. I've waited a long time to go there and get all my stuff for the house. We're getting beds and all sorts of fun stuff. Can't wait to get on the road.... :)

I'll post about what we bought later!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

time to act

Well, it's time to act. I'm sick of my body and want to change it. I had a doctor appointment on monday that ticked me off. It wasn't anything major, but I realized it's time to change something. I turn 40 this year and it would be awesome to be fit and trim going into a new decade. Imagine that....Missy---fit and trim! hahahahaha.....LOL Now that I've laughed at myself it's time to get busy. I kind of started on Monday after my appt., just stopped eating all the extra stuff I've been eating. It's amazing what goes into one's mouth.....

I'm going to copy and paste the article I wrote for our church newsletter. It tells how I'm feeling:

The new year is here. It slowly creeps up on us like a shadow in the night.....a shadow that appears out of nowhere. It causes us to stop and reflect on what we've done the past year, or what we haven't done. It makes us clean out our closets, and once again try to get rid of that roll of pudge that's somehow accumulated around our waists again. We all want a fresh start, and the new year seems to get us motivated once again.....for about a week. Why is this? If any of you are like me, those resolutions we make firmly in our minds and vow that this time...we will stick to them, always seem to fade away within a week's time. Self control---this is something I seem to have been born without. I've always struggled with self-control from the moment I stumbled out of my mother's womb. There's a picture of me standing by the kitchen table when I'm about five years old holding a Reese Cup with a big bite out of it. I'm looking at the camera like, "What? Get away from my chocolate!" Story of my life. Alas, my love affair with Reese Cups has never gotten old and sadly no love has been lost. Needless to say, there's been a fair amount of stress in our lives since last August. That's no excuse, though, for letting oneself go. Those chocolates don't get in my grocery cart by themselves. And now my kids have found their own love affair with Reese Cups. It's time to grow up and let go of childish things, or rather habits I picked up as a child. The question I'm asking myself is can I let go of the Rocky Road ice cream too?

I walked out of the Doctor's office on Monday with a fresh perspective on life. Granted, it was only a routine check-up, but one that opened my eyes. I can hide out for six months, go to the doctor, hide out another six months, and go again. Or I can take control of myself, my eating, and my body. God's word says that your body is a temple. How many times have I groaned as I read that scripture? Or the one that says don't worry yourself about what you will eat or drink.....there's too many to name. Every one of those verses is underlined in my Bible, but I've never once took them to heart. Why? Because simply put I didn't want to. I'm ready to give up all the misconceptions I've had about losing weight and just do it. I want to feel healthy---fit---and alive. I've realized that all the time I spent talking about losing weight, that if I would've been trying, I would've lost it all by now. Instead I'm still here talking about it. My sister Rhonda has started, my friend Tina (in Charleston, WV) too. I've talked to Shelly about it, and my niece Heather. Even Hunter has given up chocolate for the year (he's gone 9 days already!), so how can I do any less? We're all sick of "being sick" of it. It's time for action! It's time to lay it all out and just act. I turn 40 in October, so we'll see how far ten months will take me.......anybody want to join? Missy Herrera

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Time to act---new house, new attitude, new body? We'll see what happens!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's time to lose weight........sigh.