Sunday, December 13, 2009

Night Lights

It's 1:17 am and I can't sleep. I had a two hour nap this afternoon -- almost unheard of for me on a Saturday afternoon. I guess I need to lay down and read my book. I'm reading "Breaking Dawn", the fourth book in the Twilight Series. Hunter got it for me for my birthday back in October. Somehow I just never picked it up to read -- until now. Boy does it have me in it's thrall. It's so different right from the get go, and I'm having a hard time putting it down.

I can see my gently glowing boxwood bushes outside my window. It's been so cold here this week and the Christmas lights we have up really liven up the outside. I love the cold. I wrote my blog this week on coldness and our Christmas tree buying traditions. Check it out right here.

My tree is gently casting it's colors over the darkened living room. George is gently snoring on his chair, where I've failed to wake him up from. When it's time to stumble into bed I will wake him. The manger scene is also lit up in a warm glow from tiny white lights. Sitting in a darkened room at Christmas is something I cherish every year. There is something about the twinkle of little lights that puts you in a lovely, melancholy mood. Past thoughts, hopes and dreams, and good things that are to come float through my head. I know God is waiting on me to fulfill those hopes and dreams. Some are starting to come to pass. I realize that I put too much emphasis on the "why's", instead of the "I wills". It's time to be bold and brave and DO.

There are so many inspiring entrepeneurs that make me want to brave it all. This is what I'm intended for. Aside from the most noble of professions, wife and mother, God also gave me talents that I'm just now starting to uncover. I'm sure He is scratching his head thinking, Man did it ever take that girl forever to know what I want for her! Ha Ha.

I think I will grab my book, my husband, and head for the warm sheets. Time to dream a dream that comes to fruition. :)


Leslie Limon said...

Missy, One of the gifts that God has given you is writing. I hope you will continue to use it.

Tina said...

From one dreamer to another, I get cha!
Love your decorations and I haven't even gotten through New Moon.
I need a quiet reading day.

sasa said...


I LOVE YOU said...


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