Friday, December 4, 2009

Deep in it

Christmas music. There's nothing like it to get you in the mood. From "All I want for Christmas is you" to "Silent Night", when December begins it starts pumping through the house. Certain of my favorites has been known to play in October! I started dragging decorations up yesterday. A couple of days before that Hunter brought up the manger scene. It's always the first thing that goes up. I love my decorations. When we were first married I started collecting Christmas balls. For .10 I could buy a bunch of them at Save-n-Serve. Now they are two and three dollars each there! Insert sad/ticked face here. There are alot of people that still don't have money and need those ten cent balls. You can buy new ornaments at Wal-Mart for that price.

Hunter and Selena put lights up outside for me yesterday after school. Hunter climbed up on the ladder and strung lights around my big red star -- ever the perfectionist, he had to make it just so. Selena strung the bushes, and with George's expert cord-running abilities our house started smiling for Christmas last night. I will post a pic soon.

I have a new blog post up on Amish Country Living as of this morning. It's a "Grinchy" little post, but it gives me and others heart that there are still deals to be had out there in this economy. Positivity strengthens the heart! Go here to read it. :)

Remember to take the time not to stress, not to think we need so many presents, not to run around with your head cut off. Christmas is for enjoying each other and taking in the season. The beautiful lights we rush right by without noticing. The frosty air that hangs low in the mornings turning the sky that beautiful midnight blue. Let's notice all that God has given us! I'm sure people would feel panic knowing that I haven't even started Christmas shopping. Not me. I'll go when I can, and when we open presents Christmas morning it will be more about being together than what we are receiving.


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