Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Days

Hot and humid is pressing on my window panes.  The air feels so heavy that it's as if I'm walking through jello.  College financial prep drug on forever this summer -- FOREVER!  The girl will be returning to Florida on or thereabouts August 16 which is quickly bearing down on us.  The separation this year won't be as hard.  I'll miss her, but am getting used to the stretching and separating that goes along with your kids growing up.  I'm looking forward to helping her get ready to go.  She'll be flying back this time as so many trips to Florida are hard on the pocketbook.  My younger two will be entering their Sophomore and Freshman years this year.  Growing up way too quickly.  I watch them, dark heads bent together, talking and laughing and realize that all too soon they will be gone from me too.  I look to that day with a little bit of apprehension and also little bit of excitement.  Maybe George and I will take off on our adventures then.  Who knows what the future holds.  For now I just enjoy what each day brings me.  I'm enjoying the kids so much right now.  There's hardly any fighting like when they were younger -- either that or I'm just calmer as I get older.  Either way, I'm loving my life right now....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

These found photos speak to me

Friday, July 9, 2010

My name is Missy, and I'm a Facebook-aholic

Not sure if it's the slow down that summer brings or if I'm just lazy.  I simply haven't felt like updating my blog like a good little blogger!  Or maybe it's because there are more people in the house from day to day.  When I write, I need complete silence.  Anything, including the TV, and yes, the ever-pulsating iPod booming from upstairs distracts me.  Maybe I need a Facebook vacation.  I'll admit it right here and now -- I think I have a FB addiction.  I get on it in the morning when I check e-mail, I get on at noon, and just about anytime in-between.  My husband is threatening an intervention -- technology style!  I tell him, isn't your laundry done?  Don't you have a hot meal on the table? Then that insidious itch starts to scratch and I just have to know what everyone is up to, even though I don't talk to everyone everyday.  Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is a genius who is also an evil mastermind underneath.  Facebook is the single most awesome time-sucker in the world.  It  draws me in almost everyday.  Hmmmm....that intervention is starting to look like a good idea!  I love to network, though.  I use FB not only to connect with friends, but I use it to get my writing out there.  It's a good way for people to see me as the writer I want to be.  I also use it to put links and pictures to what my hubby is doing in his painting/texturing business.  If only I got paid for all my creative uses for FB!  Alas not meant to be.  Maybe Twitter is hiring social media jockeys?