Thursday, December 27, 2007

All I want to do is read.....

Yeah, I'm def not 18 anymore. I stayed up last night reading "Pillars of the Earth" until the wee hours and I'm paying for it! I had to work this morning, and I knew better than to stay up, but I did because it's getting so good! All I want to do now is go home and finish it.....it's like a 1000 pages long. It's rainy, so that means a good day to stay in and read.

Yesterday we went to see a movie. We saw I Am Legend---awesome movie--go see it.

Will Smith def knows how to put on a good movie, and this one totally surprises you. It's not what you think, and those are the best kind. It was nice going out just us as a family. We ate at the mall (duh--it was the day after Christmas!), Belle spent her Pac-Sun gift card, went to the theater, played alot of arcade games, then settled in to be entertained for two hours. I always hate it when movies are over..... :( It was a good day though. We went through Starbucks and McDonald's on the way home, and just had a good time. Seems like a simple day, but it was nice.

Oh, and yes we had a very nice Christmas! The kids loved everything they got, and so did I. As I'm writing this I can smell the Baby Phat perfume, "Golden Goddess" that George got me. It smells so good. I would've been just as happy if he would've gotten me himself---which is usually what he says he's going to give me! He's told me that for years...:) LOL Anyhow, Christmas is done for another year.....now it's time to get this family in their house! I just saw a Kohl's ad for towels for $2.49......now that's something to get excited about! Time to fill that house. All the drywall was sooooo nearly finished upstairs yesterday. Just a closet and a half to finish. George is out there mudding and patching the drywall today.....YEAH! That means paint, carpet, and moving in! :) I'll keep you posted, and look maybe later today for some Christmas pics.