Friday, April 30, 2010

Tomorrow I will have two 14 year olds!

May 1, 1996 -- that was when my baby was born. It was my third c-section and the only one that was scheduled. :)  We didn't know if it was a boy or girl, so when they pulled him out George took one look at him and knew.  He finally had a boy!  He arrived calm as day, with the cutest little mole on his face.  Each one that arrives brings you more love than you ever think you'll have room for.  Esabelle and Selena loved him from the start.  I love my three children so much.  They bring such joy and heartache.  

Tomorrow, we have Hunter's annual birthday bash planned.  Fifty or so kids are coming over to crash my door.  There is a chance of thunderstorms -- please Lord let us be in the "miss zone".  Since the kids have been little we've always done pinatas at their parties.  George being from Mexico, knows how to do 'em up right.  None of this hanging on a tree branch, and dividing all the candy up evenly.   We've witnessed pinatas in Mexico where they were out for blood!  Belle got her glasses stomped and broken once, and came up looking like a dust bunny!  We're not quite that vicious, but George hangs them up high and we blindfold everyone.  The kids love it, even with them all being 14.  

Selena was born June 9, 1995, so every year for one month and 9 days her and Hunter are the same age.  It kind of burns her, but it's all good. Having kids so close together is really like having twins.  Selena used to sit on Hunter's head every chance she got.  We've got so many pictures that just make us roll on the floor laughing.  He's always crying and she's always grinning.  Gotta run, much to do.  Three pinatas are filled to the brim, two Ho-Ho cakes are waiting to be made, and floors are waiting to be mopped.  The backyard is ready to be filled with a herd of vivacious kids.  I love being a mom.


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