Friday, April 16, 2010


Last summer I found the best seller "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert at  a Goodwill store in Columbus for a mere .99 cents!  I was super excited because I had heard alot of hype and good things about it.  I started another book first, then my sister Rhonda discovered that I had Eat Pray Love.  She nabbed it and I didn't see it for another six months.  When I finally got it back I was so ready to read it.  I settled in and readied myself for an awesome read.  The first part went down easy, then I got stuck.  Now mind you, I can read just about anything.  I love deep books, but I just couldn't digest this one.  She lay on the floor in her bathroom crying out to God and wondering why she just didn't want to be with her husband anymore. I have sympathy. I'm compassionate.  Normally I'm all about drama, and strife.  For some reason I just couldn't go on!  I finished her trek through Italy, but when she got to India and the Ashram I put the book down and just couldn't pick it up anymore.  Right in the middle of her trying to meditate and wondering why a million other things were entering her mind and causing her NOT to meditate, I shut down.  I picked up another book called, "Vanishing Acts"  by Jodi Picoult, and started hungrily reading about this little girl that had been kidnapped as a four year old.  Much easier to digest, right?   Someday, I will finish Eat Pray Love -- maybe when I'm feeling a little more angst in my life.  For now, and for the first time ever -- I haven't been able to finish a book.  I'm immersed in Vanishing Acts -- hopefully Eat Pray Love will go down easier later -- probably after I've seen it's movie coming out starring Julia Roberts.  They always say, though, that the book is better than the movie -- we'll see about that.


65 Roses for Marcia said...

Missy, I have some of her other books if you ever want to borrow...never read either of those. I have Handle with Care, The Plain Truth and My Sister's Keeper.

Jayne, Isaac, and Becky said...

Hi Missy,
I stumbled onto your blog following your link from facebook. I like it! It is fun to read blogs and see more about what people are doing. Mine is honeyrunfarm.blogspot.com. Anyways...I read Eat, Pray, Love, and also got stuck in the middle. She comes across as so stuck on herself and over-indulgent. Kinda whiny, too. But after I got through the middle part, I enjoyed the last section better. Overall, an okay read but not awesome. I can't believe how old Belle is! Lisa and I had so much fun babysitting her when she was just a little 3 year old! Keep in touch!
Jayne (Gerber) Barnes

Tina said...

I can relate to this. Sometimes, I do this and chalk it up to my short attention span, but I think it's that a book has to grab me from a personal place that I can relate to. I've wondered about this book, Eat Pray Love. I think I'll pass for now. Reading Francis Chan and Andy Stanley right now so I don't get stuck.
Love ya girl
Enjoy your weekend

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