Saturday, April 10, 2010

Things I've been procrastinating about

I'm probably the world's biggest procrastinator.  I have such good intentions, every day, of getting this nice little tidy list done.  My house stays clean, the laundry is done, and yet this list just doesn't get done.  Hmm, maybe seeing it in writing for the world to see will kick me in the butt.

1) Open an Etsy site.  I have so many neat things I've made and/or WANT to make.  I even took the pictures and uploaded them to the computer.  Do you think my Etsy site is up and running yet?  No.

2) Start writing George's life story in book form.  This one has beat me over the head for years.  His story is so fascinating and heart-pounding that it would make the best read ever.  As I look ahead at each chapter, I'm afraid I won't give it justice -- and he deserves more than that.  Then again, he tells me, "Babe, by the time you write the book and make millions, we'll be old and won't be able to enjoy the money and trips around the world."  That would be some motivation.

3) My garage sale book is another thing I want to write.  Oh, the tips and tricks of the lowly garage sale!  It's a gold mine if you do it correctly.  I've envisioned this book in my head for years now -- but written yet?  Nah, it's still tucked safely away in the crevices of my mind. 

4) After 14 years, I still haven't lost that doggone "baby" fat from my last baby.  Do you think I should stop blaming Hunter?  He will only be getting his driving permit next year....  It really is time to get serious and get healthy.

After looking at this list, I must say it's the top four.  Wow, if I only have four things I've been procrastinating about I can't be doing that bad.  I love my husband, take care of my kids, make sure the weeds don't take over the garden, and cook semi-delicious food.  I love my world, and even if I don't get everything done, it's ok.  There's always tomorrow. ;)


Anonymous said...

Missy, you should very definately write George's story...I've been waiting for that!

Leslie Limon said...

Missy, you are my Internet BFF! I have been such a procrastinator the past couple of years.

I have been meaning to write my life story into a book for atleast 15 years! :) I think I have written maybe 3 or 4 chapters!

And then there's the whole weight thing! Actually, I've just started on it. I even started a blog to hold myself accountable. (You can find it on my profile.)

Hope you get started on George's book soon! :)

Melissa said...

Leslie, I knew we had lots in common. ;) I guess we should be encouraging each other!

We're contemplating a trip to Mexico in June (very unsure yet) -- would LOVE to meet you. Wouldn't that be wild?!

Go, go, go on the book! I'll be the first to buy it. :)

Tina said...

So many are waiting for what you have to offer. Waiting for their blessing of art, creativity, and the story you have to tell. I'm gonna be selfish and say, "hey, get on it girl!!"
Love you