Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Dukes of Berlin

Have you ever seen those cars that fly down the road, you know the ones, that are piled high with snow?  This morning,  I gingerly walked through the slush, taking care not to get my pink and red striped pajama pants wet, and hopped in the car. I was taking the kids to school (finally!).  Hunter had started the car for me, bless his heart, so that some of snow and ice would melt off.  Now, our driveway is a nightmare.  A good three feet of snow covers the narrow path that we park in, which is as we speak, turning to slush.  I'm not the kind of person that has ever had my car in a garage.  In the almost twenty years we've been married not one of our cars has ever seen the warmth of a garage.  We're always hacking and chipping away two feet of snow off the windshield, and using long-handled brooms to sweep the snow off the car roof or hood. We're snow hoodlums. This morning I told the kids we are leaving early so we can take a few attempts at getting out of the driveway.  George has been taking my four-wheel drive so he can maneuver the super high and snowy driveway where he is working.  This leaves me to go loco with his vehicle -- which does not have four-wheel drive.  So we're in the car, my pajama pants tucked in securely, and I try to pull out of my snowed-in parking spot.  Everyone knows when you pull out of snow to let the car go forward of it's own accord when you put it in drive.  It usually gets itself going.  Well, not today.  I had to spin those tires until a stream of mud and sleet was flying backwards towards my neighbors windows.  Sorry Dan and Mary --- I'll come wash them in spring.  After much straining, we managed to get in a position to take a run for the hill/driveway.  Smoke was 'a flying, and the kids were laughing and with much hot rodding I managed to pull out on to the road.  I looked like the General Lee after it flew through the air and landed.  Correcting the wheel we flew down the road.  Snow was blowing off the hood and roof of my car like a blizzard on crack.  The kids started laughing and I started laughing til the tears came .... and then I realized it.  We were that car.  The one we always say why don't they just clean off their car or something.  Watch out.  If you're car gets hit by a huge chunk of ice, it's just me -- cleaning off my car in this wicked winter wind. I made it back home and wearily parked the car haphazardly in the driveway.  I have to go back out later this afternoon for milk and bread.  This time I might just have jeans on. ;)


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