Thursday, September 6, 2007

Soccer updates

Since the fire, I've not been very good at keeping everyone informed on soccer. Belle's team is now 2-3---they've taken some pretty good drubbings.... But she's happy with her performance, especially since she's been put in as a forward. They lost Tues. night to Tri-Valley (Dresden) 7-0, but she seems to be pretty proud of the yellow card she got! She slid into another girl trying to get the ball, and they yellow-carded her.....she's nothing if not aggressive. She was upset about it at first until she realized the next day at school that everyone, including all the guys, were impressed that she got one! Go figure.....

Tonight they play New Phila at home, and they should be able to win that one. Hopefully she doesn't get a red card tonight!

Selena starts Wooster League Soccer on Saturday.....it'll be a full day. Selena in Wooster at 3:15,
then back to Berlin for Belle's game at 7:00. Then Hunter will be starting any week now with park district soccer.....AAAAHHHH! I love it.