Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Yesterday we finally got word from the adjuster that our estimate was done, and we'd be receiving our check later this week! You can't hear me right now, but I'm screaming for joy! It seems like it took forever just for that detail to take place. George has been out at the house ripping stuff out like crazy, so now we can really get started in earnest. I'm going to take some pics as we go along, and I'll try to post them regularly. I'm so excited. It's been going well living at mom and dad's, but there's just no place like home. They gave us a timeline that the house should be finished by. They feel that with all the damages they saw, it should be finished by the end of December. If I'm in by Christmas I'll be pumped. I guess that means we really need to get busy and get this done. George is really revved up to take care of the demo, and hire people for the construction. He's been out at the house doing everything he can to get ready. He wants to streamline everything, recycle some things, and be as cost-effective as he can. I love to watch him work when he gets in his groove. Yesterday he tore down the wall between the kitchen and bathroom-----he moves quickly!

After work today, I have to head out to Wal-Mart and buy supplies for enchiladas. Two other moms and I are on for this evening to feed the soccer team. They play up at St. Thomas Aquinas tonight, and the moms always feed them after the game. I told them I would make enchiladas, and I'm hoping I can keep them warm until the game is over. I think if I double wrap them in foil right out of the oven that would do the trick.

It's a slow morning at work so I actually typed this post in less than two hours! It actually only took me 10 minutes! Hmmmm.....that would definitely be a first. :)


Tina said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are moving along with your house. This might have really stunted a person and kept them from living in the in between time. You and your family inspire me as you live each moment and don't let the circumstances interfere. You are a blessing