Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hiland Homecoming

Yes, all insurance adjusters have finally made an appearance at our house. I'm so sick of it! I'm ready for work to begin on my house! Lord......help me to be patient. All is well here at mom's house, though. We are all getting along fine.

That business aside, Hiland homecoming was last night and Belle was so excited. Selena even got to be a flag in the ceremony at the soccer game. Belle got home today around 1:30 pm. She stayed overnight at the girl's house who had the after party. She said everything went awesome. They went to Fuji's in Canton, then to the dance at Hiland. Afterward to Guggisberg's for the party.....then sleeping in until 11:00! She dragged in the door, but was pumped about how it went. I'll grill her later for details when she wakes up!

Here's a few pics!