Friday, April 6, 2007


Okay...I know...it's been like weeks since I've posted. I'm not sure why I haven't....I've been looking at everyone else's blog. I just got used to the warm weather from Heaven the beginning of the week, and now there's a blizzard outside! Honestly, I love snow...just not over Easter break. I want the kids to be able to play outside...not be cooped up indoors.

Things seem to be looking up for us a little more now. This winter has been rough financially....so rough that I was ready to pack up everything and move to Mexico. I wanted to crawl in a hole and move slowly into a fetal position. Being self-employed has it's pros and cons. These last two years were total cons..... It first started with George's accident, then with everything that happened with Belle. George just couldn't seem to pull himself out of it after the latter happened. I think Belle's situation put him more in a funk than his accident. So now, after major despair, stupid financial decisions, and sometimes looking at a bare refrigerator.....I feel that we're moving on. I'm tired of worrying about things so much that I can't function....it's time to grab my backside and go. George feels the same way. There's only so long that you can stay in that situation before you go crazy.

I have a new job for one. I'll be opening at the Berlin Village...BEHIND A DESK....no more housekeeping! I function better behind a desk than sweeping behind one! Now...the question is can I get up a couple of days @ 5:00 am to be there at 5:45am? Oh yes...I think I can. I'll be done by 10:30 or 11:00am, and that's just sweet. I'll have my whole day yet. I'm excited about it. George is working steady too.....so that's a big help for our frame of minds. I feel the spring and summer coming. It's surging through my veins......and everything will be all right. Although I have to say that I've laid all this at Jesus' feet so many times.....one of these times we'll get it right and be doing what he wants us to do.

Gotta go buy some Easter candy this morning.....yes...I procrastinate until the last minute. I think that's when it's the most fun, though. Who wants to go 3 weeks ahead of time? Not I....



mom said...

this is the blog I tried to comment on before, I just said I'm so glad to see things are changing for you,attitudes and all! I can see the change in all of you.

love you all so much