Monday, April 30, 2007

11 yr. olds & TP'ing

Well, I survived my weekend. Hunter had a birthday sleepover on Friday night with 13 boys invited! People tell me I'm crazy...but how many times after your kids leave home will you say to yourself, "I wish I would've let them invite more people over, and worry less about how my house looks?" I can honestly say I've always been the crazy mom and let them have a ton of people over for sleepovers. Hunter begged me to take him tp'ing for the first time...and of course I caved. I've taken Belle and her friends for so long that I can't remember when it started. Then I started taking Selena and her friends.....and how could I say no when it came Hunter's turn to do it?

So there they were, bunches of boys getting dressed in black & camouflage and looking at me with pleading eyes. I caved. So out we went around 12:30 am driving around the countryside looking for the perfect place to hit. When I've taken the girls, there were always some of them that were scared or chicken out. The rest would run out and decorate the trees, the fence, the shrubs. and I mean decorate. Now...I thought this would hold true with the boys...... no way! I no sooner had stopped for them to get out and the doors were thrown open and they were running up to the house like they'd been doing it forever! Of course Belle & Selena just had to help them. By the time I had turned around to pick them up, these "amateurs" had plastered the trees like professionals! Belle said they were just winging those rolls up there like they do it every weekend. None of that "decorating the bushes" stuff! That just shows the difference in the sexes. They all can do things...they just do them differently! After the toilet papering, I took them on the annual Panther Hollow/Angel drive...they loved that. Then it was on home to pick up a game of Poker.

Boys.......so different from girls. No make-up, or toe nail polish painting sessions. No screaming all night about cute boys. Just some hardcore fun...........and I love it!