Friday, January 27, 2012

New software, late evenings, and England

This week has been a different one.

Work, for me at least, has given me a breather.  We are in our so-called "downtime" which just means the phones are not crazy off the hook.  Everyone around me, though, has gone nuts with our new software installation.  Our days at the office involve answering phones and taking orders. My main directive at the office is to answer phones, and direct customers to their account reps.  I check routes, and make sure all the drivers have their papers in order.  This new software gets rid of the old order-taking system and installs a new one.  Needless to say, it's going to be a big change.  I can't say, though, that I'm excited to go in on Monday when it actually goes live.  I haven't learned the new system thoroughly enough to be comfortable with it.  As tech savvy as I am, I loved the old system - but know that the old must fall away sometimes to make way for the new.  

Life will move on whether I'm ready or not - new software here we come.  I've felt slightly out of the loop because I haven't really been trained to use it.  Here's hoping I pick it up quickly.  

George has been working evenings this week painting at Kline's Service Center.  It's a tight squeeze in there, so he agreed to work in the evenings.  He's been working til nearly midnight some nights, and is hard at work right now on a Friday night.  He's going in tomorrow also.  He's a pusher, and gets the job done.  It's January and he's working steadily - thank you Jesus.  

It's been weird without him here in the evenings.  I have all sorts of time to catch up on things, and all I want to do is sit here and browse, read a book, or catch up on TV.  When he walks in the door I'm ready for bed!  We've been sitting up drinking coffee while he gobbles up any food we have laying around.  It's hard for him to wake up in the mornings - but work is work and you just adjust. 

Our lives are the same.  Sailing smoothly along, not veering too much off course.  I've been enjoying writing my new column immensely.  It seems I've stored up all sorts of thrifty tips over the years and they are all coming out of my brain at top speed.  This is good.  It gets me writing more than I ever have at one time and is pushing me.  I need to be pushed, because I want my writing out there.  This may give me the confidence I need to try to get more articles published in other publications.  That is my goal.  

Realistically, I should set aside a time once a week to write a new article and send it around.  I need to network it baby. 


I'm signing off here so I can settle in for some Netflix viewing.  I decided it's time to watch Downton Abbey - which is straight off of PBS Masterpiece Classics.  I've heard so much about it and that it's a hoot to watch.  I have it ready to play and on pause as I type.  I guess all this time that George is away I should do the things I never do.  If that means watch PBS, then heck yes.  

I'm off to jolly old England.....