Friday, January 8, 2010

Some Random Pix

We have had so much snow lately it's unreal. I never clean off my picnic table outside so I know how much snow has actually fallen. On the news they said Holmes Co. had received about 2" of snow. Ha Ha! I should have sent this picture in to them. Do you like my Christmas tree I set out back? It's gotten new life as a beautiful snow sculpture!

This is Belle's thumbs up on the day before she left to go back to college in Florida. Even though she's 19 years old, she asked me that morning if I could make her dippy eggs the way I made them for her when she was 3! I had to oblige that request.

This is Belle and I at the airport before she left. She looks excited, I look a little wistful, but ready to let her go. It's always hard, but necessary.

Enjoying the snow! Look for a link to my new blog on Amish Country living. It's a little more of the story of yesterday. Much drama at the airport!