Friday, January 22, 2010

Book Club and Company

Try these out: Melissa's Tome Talk, Missy's Beautiful Books, Book Hashing with Melissa Kay. I don't know, they all sound kind of cheesy. Regardless, I think I'm starting a book club. Don't get all worried now, you don't really have to read anything if you don't want. It's just I've been such an avid reader for so long, and have a HUGE collection of eclectic books. I really want to share my favorites with you all. So, starting next Friday I'm going to pick one book, maybe two, and tell you why I think you should read it. Either that or you can just hear me expounding on the glory I found in between it's pages. Get ready to travel to some funky places, because I just can't read your typical "girl-goes-west-and-falls-in-love-with-the-cowboy-with-the shady-past". Although I have read those earlier in my reading career. :)

We're having company over tonight for mexican food. It's the lovely people from Switzerland, the ones whom George is redoing their house. I need to get off the comp so I can descend into the nether regions of my home and do a little deep cleaning. All this as my chicken breasts start bubbling merrily, waiting to be turned into enchiladas. Yesterday, I had Selena and Hunter go out and pick up some random trash that had gathered under the snow. All the snow melted now, so I could see the trash. Selena proceeded to say to me, "Why are we trying to be something we're not? Why are we cleaning this up just because company is coming?" It was a nice try, Selena. Maybe I want you to pick it up because THERE IS TRASH IN THE YARD! Then again, and I know you all do this, we clean like crazy when people are coming over. I even wash down the trash can, because God forbid they would see that there once was trash in it. She definitely called me on it. Maybe I shouldn't use those new wineglasses I bought yesterday -- my kids gave me the evil eye and asked if our OLD wineglasses weren't good enough..... I just smiled and told them to be quiet. And we all laughed.


Tina said...

I bet your family keeps that house oozing with laughter. and I am so wanting those chicken enchiladas! Have fun and I would love to be a part of a book club. I'm in!

Leslie Limon said...

Whatever you choose to call your book club, I'm in! :D Well, as long as there is a Kindle edition of the book available so I can download it. But I also have to say that I am a sucker for those "girl moves west and falls in love with a cowboy from the wrong side of the tracks" romance novels! LOL

I am so guilty of running around the house in a mad frenzy making sure there's no dust on the dressers and tables and making sure the kids didn't make a huge mess in the bathroom, before company comes over.