Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time to Paint

On Monday the painting will start! We already have a coat on some of the rooms, which we did as we had time, but now it'll start in earnest! Yesterday George and I went down to Lowes and bought 11 more gallons of paint which should finish us out. We should finish that next week, and then all that's left is to install the carpet and we already have that picked out. Within the next two weeks we should be able to move back in. I can't wait!

Taking the kids to see "Cloverfield" today. It's a movie we've seen advertised now for about 6 months. It looks really good and I'm looking forward to seeing it. They've kind of been teasing us with the trailers.....nobody knows what it's really about.....but it looks creepy. I'll let you know if we liked it.
EDIT: Cloverfield was a good movie...but I found out too late that it was filmed from the viewpoint of a person videotaping.....not good! Any movie that's filmed in a jerky motion is a movie that I get sick in! MOTION SICKNESS... Belle got sick too, and Hunter and Selena just sat there enjoying the whole thing....unfair. I made it through most of it though and it was very good.......just made me want to vomit...literally!


Tina said...

I wondered about that movie. I think I'd like it. But, I couldn't do "blair witch" for that same reason. I have a motion sickness problem too.

Wish I was around to help you paint. I just love to do it.
Have fun. I wanna see pics.

Hummel Family said...

YAY! You will be in your house in no time! I can't wait to hear how you all like your new Ikea furniture. Burke and I want to make a trip there sooon! I LOVE THAT PLACE!

Hummel Family said...

Oh Missy! we are in no hurry for the painting here at our house! I am just so excited for you guys and your house. I am sure it will feel like a new place. You better post a picture or two. Or atleast bring a few pics to S.School.