Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Finally getting around to posting some pictures of our IKEA trip! We had a blast while depleting my budget! Seriously, though, I had planned on buying a ton of stuff there. We bought beds for everyone, coffee tables, TV stands, nightstands, my bed

comforters, quilt covers, pillows, sheets, tons of stuff for the kitchen (I'm talking fun metal things!), desks for everyone, desk chairs, lamps, clocks, alarm clocks, and a HUGE clock for me to hang in my living room....... The list could go on and on! I waited so long to be able to go out and buy the fun stuff, and I'm so glad I went to IKEA to get it all. I had been buying things here and there---dishes & mugs @ Homespun, candles, knick-knacks, and so forth. But I had saved most of my energy for IKEA. We took my Aunt & Uncle Warren and Fern Stutzman's big red 15 passenger van. They went along, mom, George, the kids, and I. We took out two seats in the back to make room for stuff. We ate at Bob Evans in New Phila, then took off for Pittsburgh. We got there at eleven when they opened, shopped til we dropped, ate in their restaurant inside, and by 6:30, we were loading up the van! Now that's what i call shopping. Then we hit Steak & Shake and Starbucks on the way home.

Ready to shop!!Selena loaded down...George and Hunter.....need I say more? six carts at the checkout!
trying to fit everything into the van!


Tina said...

Oh how fun!! I was cheering you on from afar. Looks like you did well. Hey, I'm going to have to beg an invite some time when we are in town. Can't wait to see your place all put together.

Anonymous said...

Holy crow!!!!!!!

I'm so jealous! Yet for everythign that you've had to go thru.....you deserve every bit of the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see it. We'll probably be home sometime in the next 2 months!