Monday, July 23, 2007

Looking for a cheap car

Have you ever tried to find the best deal on a car for your kid? Esabelle is now almost 17 and we still don't have a car for her. We simply couldn't get one last winter, but now it's really time to do it. I've been searching on craigslist.com, and ebay searching for one that's cheap but won't let her sit by the side of the road. Kids this age always seem to think they need a "cool" car...I.E. one that's red and fast. I will not take a loan out for a car for her, so I'm looking for something that's cheap and runs. I never had a car when I was in school and rode the bus until I graduated. Belle said she would rather die than ride the bus....good grief. I always said they would have to pay for their own car.....but she just couldn't find a job this summer. With soccer coming up and lots of practices and games, it seems that now is the time. If anyone has a car that's cheap, runs, and they want to make me an incredible deal....contact me! :)

Well, I'm going back to work this week. It looks like my back is finally getting back to semi-normal. There are still positions, or rather chairs that I have problems getting comfortable in. I've been doing these stretching exercises that seem to be helping...and when I can...I'm going to start walking around my backyard again. I do about 15 laps. I know, I know...I should walk on the road, but I just hate it. I'd much rather do laps in the backyard...I'm sure I look ridiculous but who cares.....If it makes me feel better I'm all for it. I'm challenging myself to get as healthy and fit as I can for an almost 40 year old....note the almost. I have a little over a year to go...actually a year and 2 months. Maybe I could actually lose weight before I turn 40.....hmmm. I could go into that decade looking more fabulous than I ever have. I like this idea.

40....fit...and fabulous! or maybe I'll be 40...fat...and full of crap...:) Just kidding...it's time to turn a new leaf! Or rather to shed one....

Viva una nueva dia!


Tina said...

Hey Missy, You've been tagged. See my blog for details!