Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free Bird

Oh those birds...  

Tweeting and twittering away outside in my very green backyard.  The branches are simply loaded with birds hopping and talking to each other.  The other day I looked out my bedroom window and right there was a huge mama bird sitting on a nest that was way too small for her.  She looked right at me with her big eyes, deemed me a threat, and flew away. Made no sense as her eggs were left unprotected - but cest la vie - that's nature.  

My pink rose bush is hanging heavy with bright pink flowers and I may have to go pick a few to enjoy inside.  Their smell this time of year is heavenly.  I think the season is early this year because that rose bush never blooms until our anniversary weekend which is next week.  It's been an early spring here in NE Ohio, but who is really complaining?  I'm certainly not, as it's my day off and it looks like the middle of summer.  Cool air, though, this morning puts us back in April.  It's great "working outside weather", so I may have to buy some flats of annuals and fill my pots to bursting.  My goal is to find the biggest planters possible and fill them to the bring with greens and bits of color.  Maybe I should have George build me some?

I wish I could be as free as the birds outside, but have lots to do inside today.  I am setting aside a block of time this afternoon to sit on my front porch and read.  It's necessary to my peace of mind.  Honk if you drive by!

Here's a post from 2007 of my front porch.  Love it then and I love it now!