Friday, May 11, 2012

Consistency and a real website

It seems all my time and writing energy is going into my column over at The Bargain Hunter.  That's where the money is so I guess that's to be expected.  None the less, I want this blog to be productive.  Maybe what I need is an actual website - a domain all my own.  I need links, and buttons, and all the fun things that go with a website.  If my Junkbabe persona is going to take off at all I need to take the plunge and get that going.  Surfing Facebook will not make that happen.  

I truly want to this writing habit of mine to supplement not only my husband's income, but make enough to be called legitimate.  Some of my fellow bloggers are an incredible inspiration.  Tracy Lopez over at Latinaish makes it look effortless - though I know keeping up a freshly inspired blog is hard work.  It's not just writing, it's all the other efforts for other projects and tying it all together that make it work.  The Unknown Mami is another fine example of a blog that works.  She is fun, and blogs consistently.  Consistency is the key word.  She inspires me.  The girl from Can you stay for dinner has a way with her words.  I love her and her food pictures.  She's lost lots and lots of weight and looks spectacular - her blog is about this.  

Consistency, once again, I believe is the key to getting my blog and what I have to offer out there.  I'm anything if computer literate, but I try.  The next step in this process of mine - writing articles, blogging, offering tips, and getting George's story written - is to create an actual website and put actual material on it.  I'm feeling the vibe.  Stay tuned.


Leslie Limon said...

Yes! I think having your own domain and working towards making your dreams come true is an excellent idea. If there's any one person that I think can make it look effortless, it's you! You too, my friend, have a way with words and I enjoy reading your work both here and on The Bargain Hunter. :)

mkh said...

Thanks Leslie! You too, are one of my "consistent" inspirations. That and our love of all things Mexican. :)