Sunday, October 31, 2010

Awesome night with the kids

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life you don't take enough time to just spend together.  Well, last night my kids and I remedied that.  We took off about 6 pm to enjoy Boo in the 'Burg out in Millersburg!  We went to the Victorian Mansion first.  All decked out for Halloween, the atmosphere was just what we wanted.  We explored all three upper floors, then headed for the basement.  There was even a gypsy doing palm readings, which we declined to do.  As much as I love spooky stuff I drew the line at that.  Several dark characters waited around corners to give us a fright, one especially in the old hospital room upstairs.  I asked her if I could take a picture, and she replied, "I won't show up..."  Chill down my spine! The history entailed in the mansion is breathtaking.  The picture made up of saved hair wound around wires was a bit eerie.  Those Victorians didn't waste a thing.  Hunter was attempting to check out all areas and all doors that were closed.  He got a surprise when he tried to open a door and it was pushed back in his face!  Not sure if someone was behind that basement door, but it was sure shut hard.  He was slightly freaked.  From there we went to buy tickets for the ghost walk downtown.  They were almost sold out when we got there and felt lucky to get tickets to the last walk.  With time to kill, we meandered around Millersburg and hit all the shops that stayed open for the night.  Our favorite by far was 55 West.  Full of eclectic paraphernalia, the atmosphere was awesome.  We somehow got stuck in another ghost walk that was touring the store for a story, so we got a slice of a tour we hadn't paid for! Theater actors from West Holmes added some drama to the night for a few chills and this story was no different.  As the story was winding down, a planned bang from upstairs occurred making us all jump.  The lights dimmed for effect and the story was done with a flourish.  After everyone started filing out, the shop owner Stefanie told us that the lights had dimmed on their own!  That had not been part of the ghost walk.  Hmmm....wonder who dimmed the lights?  Our ghost walk consisted of walking through the upstairs of the Young Bldg. and we were escorted there by our guide Jack the Ripper.  He was a great guide who made it worthwhile. We learned of a murder/suicide in the upstairs of that building back when it was a restaurant.  The basement of the old jail was so old and creepy and we learned there was a tunnel leading from it to the courthouse.  Such awesome history.  After our walk was over we headed to Wooster to take in a movie, Paranormal Activity 2.  It was very good, and when we arrived back home around 1 am we were worn out and happy with how our evening had gone.  I love my kids and it's so much fun to connect with them and just let loose. 


Tina said...

Sounds like it was a blast!
So fun

Laurie said...

Wow. What a night! I had plans to be with my sister in Baton Rouge for Halloween then watch the NFL Saints game. However I squeezed in time to walk a neighborhood near New Orleans and watch the children dressed and collecting treats. Glad you have a great night. And chocolate is on sale now!