Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Homecoming pix / Last Garage Sale @ mom's

Here are some pix of Belle's last homecoming! Can't believe she's a senior.....

Belle and her best friend Steph.....

The whole group eating at Bravo's in Canton

I love to see how these group photos change over the years----how they get older...

Sarah, Steph, Ariel, Liz, Belle
Belle showing off her bruise from soccer....she thought it went well with the dress!

Here are some pix from the last garage sale ever at mom's.....we were all a little sad!

Love the black windows!
We all got rid of a bunch of Christmas stuff.....I just looked at my things and said I'm so sick of all it---so it went out the door!

We had to take one last picture with all of us: Rhonda (holding Casey), me, Tammy, Mom, and Fern..... We sure had a good run with our beloved Junk Fling...

We all decided there's something else that needs to be done now...we're just waiting for it to happen!