Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Battle of Holmes County

Well last night did not go as planned. Esabelle was so excited for the soccer game last against West Holmes. If you're not from here---they are our mortal enemy! (j/k...that rival thing seems to hang on!) She had her strategy planned out. How many shots she was going to take...how many moves she was going to put on. There was a little bit of trash talk because she knew most of the girls on the other team. It went both ways. Then came time for the game and----bust! Our team seemed not even to be on the field. Not sure what happened but nobody seemed to come prepared to play. Belle was so mad at herself after the game...she just couldn't understand why in the most exciting game of the season she didn't do what she wanted to.

Plain and simple---she psyched herself out. Tough lesson learned. This one burns a little bit more than most. So I let her cry it out....and she'll be okay. I have to say though even when you're an adult...it still gets you a little bit when you lose to that rival. After all....I was a Hawk too! LOL