Thursday, August 21, 2008

random pics & misc.

First day of school..... Belle's first day as a senior (tear)...Hunter's first day at Hiland as a seventh grader...and Selena's first day as an eighth grader. Where did their little faces go who used to search for me as they got on the big yellow bus and wave goodbye through the window? Now they all drive away together.

We've been hardcore Olympic-watchers these past two weeks. Here is Selena drooling over Michael Phelps. She was even taking pictures of the TV with her cell phone! haha ... I just had to capture that!
And somehow...all of George and my pictures end up like this. George is either grimacing...laughing too hard...or half his head gets cut off! Somehow they are more refreshing because they are not posed!

SOCCER SEASON IS ON! I've got three kids on three different soccer teams at Hiland. I'm super pumped for this whole season. There will be between the three of them some 50-60 games.... oh my. I couldn't be more excited.

Tonight's line-up: Hunter (jr. high soccer) @ home vs. Dover 5:00 pm
Belle (varsity girls) @ home vs. Carrollton 7:00 pm

Better go take a cat nap so I can put my screaming hat on tonight!


Hummel Family said...

Go Soccer Mom!! I just had to say that.

Oh, and the picture of you and George made me laugh! Love it!