Saturday, July 19, 2008

too hot

It's been so hot this week! It's almost unbearable. If I didn't have air I don't know what I'd do. Melt I guess. This morning driving up to work all I could see was a blue haze nestled in the dewy valleys. There was also an interesting sunset last night and the moon was kind of spooky then too. The sun set in just a blaze of hot pink...it was so beautiful. Then when I closed the curtains to go to bed the moon was big and yellow surrounded by dark puffy clouds. Kind of eerie but beautiful also. So often this past week I've been looking around our county and realizing how beautiful it really is. It's so green verdant and lush. We need to take the time to notice. It's easy to forget and just race about our day.


Tina said...

I always notice the moon. I love it!
Your descriptive words make me want to encourage you to write. I'm still praying about that book idea you have.