Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Florida pics

the beach and water were so incredibly clean and clear! it made up for the red tide that was there when Adri got married. the water was so turquoise.

Hunter and Jefferson (Steph's brother) they played non-stop the whole vacation.

George and Selena.....see how clear the water was?

all tan and gussied up for supper...

the crew...we pretty much were w/steph's family on the beach everyday...it just kind of happened that way...we had a blast!

@ the Beach House restaurant...

I thought the girls looked so pretty in this pic...

George and I...and his racoon tan! he would never take those darn sunglasses off!

George with his favorite....OYSTERS! :)

We had a super time.... it was just what we needed after everything that happened this year. We just needed time as a family to be together again with nothing else to focus on except ourselves. Now....if only I could find the WARM sun here in Ohio!


Tina said...

Looks like a great time and you deserved it!
I'm slightly envious. I'm over it...I'm going in August.