Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Belle's Prom

here's a few pictures from Belle's prom last Saturday night.... it was her first! Her and her date Cody Troyer, and Jordan and his date Jana ate up at Peter Shear's in downtown Canton. Then came back for the dance and after prom.
Belle and Cody

at the Grand March at Hiland

all the couples that met and took pictures

Belle and Cody in his mom's BMW

Jordan and Jana at Grand March

Jordan, Jana, Belle, and Cody

Jordan and Belle....weren't they just 2 years old and in diapers?

Belle and Steph Mast.....BFF's :)

Belle and Shelly.....I like this pic cuz you can see her whole hairstyle

all the girls


Tina said...

Belle is beautiful. Advice, you should lock her up immediately!
just kiddin'
what a beauty.
the dress is so pretty.