Sunday, March 9, 2008


I'm at work this Sunday evening, just listening to the Malvern basketball game in Canton. It's making me reminisce about basketball.....

---tomorrow we're heading down to Columbus to see the Hiland girls in the state championship.

---the kids want to eat somewhere nice after the game.....hmmm.....where can we eat--for 4--- on $29 that's nice? :) we'll see..... I'll have to dig out those Steak-n-Shake coupons!

---I'm missing all those bandanas...red & black beads...and face paint we lost in the fire!

---I love to see my kids all dressed up for tourney games....I grew up going to every basketball
game and they're just like I was.

---I love George even though he hates going to basketball games... :)

---I learned early in my marriage that I won't melt if I don't go to all the games.....

---Hiland pride never dies....even when you realize there's more to life than basketball! :)

---I remember long rides to Athens for regionals.....long rides to Steubenville for districts...
and short rides to New Phila for sectionals...

---getting to ride on the Pioneer Trails bus with the team because Dad was driving was always
a treat...even though we had to be super quiet. Perry was strict!

---losing to Skyvue in regionals and crying....winning in triple OT against Skyvue the next year
and going to state...and crying for joy!

---losing at State, but having so much fun because we even made it there!

---knowing my kids will have the same memories...I'd never change it!