Friday, March 7, 2008

Another big storms' a coming!

Looks like we're in for upwards of a foot of snow this weekend! I know people are so sick of it, but I just can't seem to get enough of it. The only bad thing about it is that the Hiland girls are playing in the state championship game on Saturday at 2 in Columbus, and the girls have tickets. I was going to buy tickets this morning for myself, but now I'm not so sure. Do I really want to risk driving for two hours in blinding snow? Are we that crazy? Belle is like, it's okay mom, we'll just get a ride with someone. I just looked at her and said are you nuts? The only way you're going is if I'm driving. It's a crazy predicament.

It's been an anxious week personally. Things can be surprising to you----just when you think you know things, they can change or reveal some new facet of life. It's surprising and I have to say ended rather nicely. I know it sounds cryptic, but let me just say this---don't take what you have for granted.....Don't assume what you hold dear will always be there. Love fully and remember that people can surprise you with their feelings. Love is definitely a battlefield--- and after that war is won.......keep your battle guard at the ready.... Don't let little chinks of armor fall between the cracks, keep it polished and ready for battle. Don't settle in your mind, for something less than you're worth----because someone does think we're worthy--more than we know. I know you probably think I've gone nuts, but I've learned something this week that's so valuable. It makes me smile and ache at the same time..... :)

Enough of my mysterious ramblings---I'm headed out the door for supplies in case my house gets buried in snow. You can never have enough milk or movies to last through a storm!


Tina said...

I know you love a good snow storm, my friend. Enjoy cacooning in your beautiful home with your lovely fam.
Keep that armor polished.