Monday, October 8, 2007

One year from 40...

Okay...I seem to be having a tough time this week. My birthday is on Thursday, and I just don't want to turn 39. I never had a problem turning 30.....35.....but 39? No. Help.

That means in one year I'll be 40. sigh.

Short post today.


Tina said...

When I turned 4o (2 years ago) your sister and my good friend, along with 2 other girlfriends and my hubby gave me a surprise party. My hubby asked everyone to write something in a card or whatever as to why it was so great to be 40. It was so encouraging so I'll tell you. I am loving my 40's! I wish I had my 40's brain and my 20's body, but it's a good growing time. Happy Birthday!