Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Time for School Shopping

It's that time again. Tablets, pencils, crayons....all that good stuff that goes along with school shopping! Technically though, I only have one kid left that will be buying crayons this year. Hunter, my baby, will be in 6th grade at Berlin Elementary. Esabelle will be in 11th grade, and Selena will be starting at Hiland Junior High in 7th grade. When you get out to Hiland all you need anymore is a bunch of tablets and pencils. None of that fun stuff that you buy in grade school. tear....

Selena is looking forward to going out to Hiland. She's been nervous at times, but she has alot of friends and I know she'll love it. Some kids might have a tough time adjusting to the difference out there, but I know she won't. She just got her hair cut last week into a sweet funky cut. She also decided ot put a nice streak of purple in her bangs! She had wanted something like that for a long time. I have to say that it really looks cool. I'll take a picture and put it on here. She is definitely my punk kid.

School shopping has become a bit of a rite of summer for my kids. When Belle started kindergarten, I took her shopping alone for everything she needed. Then we ate out and saw a movie. I just wanted to make it a special day. We get EVERYTHING we need that day. We start with school supplies, then hit the mall to scour all the clearance racks. They are definitely good shoppers. We come up with some pretty cool stuff for cheap.

We usually eat at a nice restaurant for lunch, and then after we are tired at the end of the day, we get some ice cream. They like to go to Milk & Honey. Then we usually take in a movie if we have any strength left! I do the same thing with Hunter, just him and me. Except he doesn't take as long to look for clothes! He's more worried about seeing the movie.

I probably look forward to these days as much as they do. It's like a slow passing of their years with me. Belle only has two more years until she graduates---it's really hard to fathom. I wish I could slow it down, have a few more years to savor until they leave me. I'll just enjoy it while they are still here.....


mom said...

brings back memories of when we did that, all the school shopping, I don't think we took in a movie, but I always enjoyed it to. so enjoy, it's too soon over.