Monday, July 1, 2013

Pay attention to what's put in your path.

Read my column from the Bargain Hunter and don't ignore what's put in your path! 

I believe you finally have arrived, summer. I feel your gentle breath on my cheek as I tend to my potted plants and sit on my porch. As I’ve written about before, I hold many conversations with myself on the front porch. It’s asking me things like this: “Are you happy with your life? Is there something you need to be doing? You realize you have only one life to try new things, right?” Darn that porch, or maybe it’s just God talking to me as usual. My husband and I dream so many things. We are dreamers. He is also a doer and I’m just late to the game. 

I watched a movie on CNN last night and am so glad I did. A friend on Facebook posted something about it and I decided to turn it on. It was called Girl Rising and focused on girls around the world and the things they had overcome: forced marriages, abuse, not being allowed to go to school, being sold into slavery and many more. These girls were young and after having gone through each of their personal struggles they became so much more. They were fighters before and were even fiercer afterward. It was an amazing look into the lives of girls who were being held down, their spirits kept in a box, stifling who they are. They never gave up and now fight to be heard – their voices won’t be silenced. These girls, who don’t even have as much as I do, can fight to be heard and make their passion happen. Brave, is what they are. Fierce.

Baby steps. This is what I’ve put into action. If I believe every single thing that brings me down I’ll never succeed. These girls didn’t believe what was put in their heads and I won’t either. I have a friend that told me there will be haters. There are those who want to keep you down, down, down. She says, “Do something today that you will feel good about when you wake up tomorrow.” Do good and don’t live in fear of failure. She is an inspiration. I have two other friends that I know mainly on Facebook. One of them reached out to the other two and we are trying to make a connection this summer – coffee, food, who knows? I think they are fab ladies and we could help each other on whatever road we’re on. We need to surround ourselves with people that believe in us – or can help us along the way. No one can do it alone. People don’t just wander into our path for no reason. God keeps reminding me of that when he whispers in my ear. He says, “Put down your fears and just let Me.” All I have to do is decide to listen.