Saturday, April 9, 2011

Still here

I'm still alive -- still plugging away!  Work, kids, life has taken over so this blog suffers in the meantime. 

Check out this link here. It's my latest blog at the Bargain Hunter on my love for the hand held book over the e-reader.  Chime in and give me your two cents on your preference. 

We're going to Mexico.  Yes.  After five long years of George not seeing his family we'll be taking off in a big jet plane southward.  We'll leave the end of May and return June 11.  Tickets have been bought, passports applied for, and now we wait.  

It's track season, so we're headed out this slightly gloomy Saturday to watch Hunter and the entire Hiland track team run their best.  Love sitting in the stands at my kids sporting events.