Friday, August 20, 2010

What do you guys think?

It's a beautiful Friday morning and it's been four days since Belle flew back to Florida.  Our house has settled back into normalcy after the rush of getting a college kid ready.  My high schoolers are ready to head back to classes next Tuesday.  Life for me will be a blur of soccer games, with my days filled with writing and new projects. I'm ready to hit the ground running with the free time that school in session gives me.  

My most recent Bargain Hunter blog was one that was close to my heart.  It's about letting your kids go.  I'm posting it here today -- take a gander and let me know how you all feel about letting your kids go.

Letting Go


Tina said...

Oh dear, this made me tear up and think of the day my little Kristina went off to Kindergarten and how, this Friday, her little girl will go off to school for the first time.
I loved what you said about raising them to leave. That's the Mom's job and torment.

Love ya