Monday, August 2, 2010

Snapshot of my August

"I bet deep down you still wish your mom would take you clothes shopping every August for the new school year."   ~Bridget Willard

Seems like I just started waxing poetic on summer and all of a sudden it's back to school.  I've just learned to sink deeply in my front porch cushions and enjoy a good book while the kids sleep in.  The days are lazy and with not much direction.  It turns on a dime when the first of August rolls around.  Here is my August in a nutshell:

-- Drive three times a day to Hiland to chauffeur said children to soccer conditioning

-- Come back home and drink three more cups of coffee .... savor.

-- Help my college sophomore choose which t-shirts out of 300 should go back with her to Florida.

-- Remind her that extra baggage is extra money.

-- Hide 100 of her t-shirts that she doesn't even remember that she has. 

-- Make a sandwich for the hubby and chat with him when he comes home for lunch. 

-- Go through high school sophomore and freshmans' clothing with them. 

-- Remind son that even though underwear only has ten holes in it, we do need to buy some more.  

-- Question for the 1000th time where the 20 count package of socks has gone to that I bought him one month ago. 

-- Tell myself it's okay to be glad I have one child that never asks for much of anything new. 

-- Remind myself to tell the other two that I love them anyway even though they want everything. 

-- Chauffeur kids to practice.  The middle child now is having 2-a-days.  

-- Remind myself I love being a soccer mom.

-- Say goodbye to eldest.  Watch her fly away on a big jet plane.  Shed a tear.

-- Text her to tell her I love her and to be good.

-- Attend numerous soccer scrimmages and yell my head off. 

-- Buy school supplies and lots of extras just because "you love us mom!"

-- Drive to school, drop said children off, come home, brew more coffee and crash.

-- Get ready to head to first soccer game. Scream my head off. 

-- Smile and thank God because I love my life.


Tina said...

I'm smiling because you have much to smile about. Love ya. T

Laurie said...

Good post. Brought a smile to my face. Glad you are a mother, because you sound like a great mom and wife.

Dawn said...

Missy...why do your blogs always make me cry!! (Thank you)