Friday, July 9, 2010

My name is Missy, and I'm a Facebook-aholic

Not sure if it's the slow down that summer brings or if I'm just lazy.  I simply haven't felt like updating my blog like a good little blogger!  Or maybe it's because there are more people in the house from day to day.  When I write, I need complete silence.  Anything, including the TV, and yes, the ever-pulsating iPod booming from upstairs distracts me.  Maybe I need a Facebook vacation.  I'll admit it right here and now -- I think I have a FB addiction.  I get on it in the morning when I check e-mail, I get on at noon, and just about anytime in-between.  My husband is threatening an intervention -- technology style!  I tell him, isn't your laundry done?  Don't you have a hot meal on the table? Then that insidious itch starts to scratch and I just have to know what everyone is up to, even though I don't talk to everyone everyday.  Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is a genius who is also an evil mastermind underneath.  Facebook is the single most awesome time-sucker in the world.  It  draws me in almost everyday.  Hmmmm....that intervention is starting to look like a good idea!  I love to network, though.  I use FB not only to connect with friends, but I use it to get my writing out there.  It's a good way for people to see me as the writer I want to be.  I also use it to put links and pictures to what my hubby is doing in his painting/texturing business.  If only I got paid for all my creative uses for FB!  Alas not meant to be.  Maybe Twitter is hiring social media jockeys? 


My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

stopping by from sits sharefest and agree about social media hiring.LOL

Laurie said...

Yes, I am in need of a FB intervention too. And your blog is cool. Love the title.