Thursday, November 20, 2008

Favorite places in my house

Okay...maybe I'm weird, but there are just a few places in my house that are my favorites. I love my whole house, but some places always draw me back. The picture below is of my favorite leather chair I bought for $5 from Fern, which sits by my very favorite place---my bookshelf! Some people thought we were nuts for putting it in the corner of the kitchen, but I'm so glad we did. It houses my fiction collection, decorating books, and also cookbooks! I love to sit in this corner to read or think.

This next picture is of my favorite little vignette that just happens to be ON my bookshelf. I have this habit of making little scenes with things that I love. This one includes a picture I found at a garage sale for $1...I keep thinking it looks like Frido Kahlo and want to get it appraised! If you don't know who Frido Kahlo is--she was a very famous painter from Mexico. Also included here is my little book collection. The red books are the 100 Most Famous Detective stories, and also underneath the picture are copies of The Merchant of Venice, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and Joan of Arc. I'm such a sucker for small leather-bound copies of classics. The bird came from Fern also for 25 cents, and the dried rose is from the arrangement of flowers on Grandma Groff's casket. This vignette pleases my eye more than once in a day...

This gray cupboard came out of a house that George re-did. The owners were going to throw it away! He knows a beauty when he sees one, so he brought it home. It now houses my collection of old alarm clocks! I've gotten these clocks at various places over the years and love how they seem to tell a story together... a number of them, again, came from my dealer Fern Stutzman!This is of all places my bathroom! Honestly, though, who doesn't spend alot of time there? I hung this old carom board up and love how it nestles there as if it's been there forever. Look for things you love and get them out.

My magnetic knife strip came from IKEA--who everyone knows is my fave store. I get more comments on this! It seems to fascinate people. Sitting beside this is my molcajete (the pig). This came from George's mom in Mexico. They use it to crush tomatoes, garlic, and jalapenos into salso muy sabrosita! She's had it since she was young and she is now 64. When we lived down in Mexico for eight months, I always admired it. When it was time for George and I to come back to Ohio, and we were literally getting into the car to drive away, she came running out of the house with this molcajete. She knew that I had admired it, and wanted me to have it for our home. They think nothing of giving away their most prized possessions, and now it is definitely one of mine.

Thanks for going with me to some of my favorite places.....sometimes you don't have to go far to find what pleases you!


Tina said...

I'm so glad that I got to come, even for a short visit! Yummy food too! Love ya girl, now get to writing! These pics would be great in the book.