Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well I guess it's the next day, but that's okay..... I just ran out of daylight yesterday! Things have been good. Summer is in full swing and we're enjoying it. I'm working 2-3 days a week, and Esabelle has started working up at the motel too as a gopher. She strips the rooms, takes out the trash, and does laundry. I tell her just to remember every dollar saved is one step closer to a car. I'm just glad she could find work this summer as it's been really hard to find any work around here for teens. Geez, maybe it's better she doesn't have a car right now because of gas being $4.09 a gallon...... HELP!

Last week we had a garage sale at Benton at my Aunt Fern's house. I love garage sales. Nothing gets my juices flowing like the thought of putting junk out for people to peruse and buy. I really think I should start my own business of putting on garage sales for people. The thought came to my head the other day that I should write a book about them. I was sitting there drinking my coffee and it hit me. What am I really good at? Garage sales and reading & writing. Hmmm...what brainless mind wouldn't think of putting them together. People have written books about less interesting topics than that. Now if I could just get it going.....

Here are a few pictures of the sale.....

The birds have been fighting outside my window all morning. Maybe with the hot weather back upon us we all feel like we're in a fighting mood. I hate fighting, but sometimes it's necessary. Have you ever had a good old argument with your spouse? You know the kind.... It slowly builds with words you don't want to say, but that just keep on spewing out of your mouth. It's like a slow dripping of a leaky faucet that just bursts free of it's confines. It's that pull and release of two opposing sides.....picking at each other, just wanting your view to be heard. Then the aftermath of slightly annoyed glares that just cut right through you. I'll tell you the best part of a fight though. It's that feeling that moves through your whole body. It's telling you that you're not mad anymore but you don't quite want to be okay yet. And then all of a sudden it's that sweet falling away of feelings.....of all the anger sluicing out of you. And all it takes is one look and you know it's okay. That ancient entwining of the other half of you coming back. It's a safety net catching you. My feeling is that if you never fight you never get to come back to each other...and that's always the best part......the feeling that it was okay to dislike the other person for awhile--but never not love them. :)

I certainly went off on a tangent with that one, and now you all know what happened at my house this morning. I'm not quite ready to not be mad.....but when I see him again this afternoon it'll be time for the best part......and that's what love is all about.


Tina said...

That was a good tangent and I totally relate! Hey, if you wrote a book on garage sales, not only would I buy it, I would recommend it to everyone I know. I've been to those creative garage sales you and your family has and it's always a junk chic adventure. I saw the pics and all I can say is I want, I want!!
Write away, my friend. You can self publish, you know. I'd sell the book, I think you have a lot of wisdom to share and could present it in a girly funny way.
Go For It!